Redundant pipe organs in Australia

Town Hall, Adelaide, SA (Hill & Son 1877) 
to Barossa Regional Gallery, Tanunda, SA

The organ from the Adelaide Town Hall (Hill & Son, 1877), re-located to the Barossa Regional Gallery, Tanunda, SA in 2014

(Last updated March 2024)

This page lists redundant pipe organs in Australia for which new homes are currently being sought. Information concerning instruments proposed for listing here should be sent to the OHTA Redundancies Co-ordinator:

Rodney Ford
Tel: 0402 222 324
E-mail: [email protected]

The information will be linked, where possible, to an existing page on the OHTA website.
Details required for the redundancy listing should normally include:

(a) the dimensions of the organ, and
(b) contact details for negotiating the terms of the re-location.
The terms for re-locating redundant organs vary from one instance to another, and need to be discussed with the current owner.

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A select list of successfully re-located organs in Australia

New South Wales and ACT


Katoomba Uniting (Methodist) Church, Katoomba, NSW

Built 1915 Charles Richardson for Congregational Church, Katoomba.

Installed present location 1972 by S.T. Noad & Son. Restored with tonal alterations 1980 by J.W. Walker & Sons (Aust).

2 manuals, 10 speaking stops, manual action tracker, pedal action electric, mechanical couplers.

Contact: Kerry Jordan
E: [email protected]
M: 0427 843 054


Living Water Community Church, Redfern, NSW (former Catholic Apostolic Church)

Built 1913 Griffin & Leggo (unaltered from the original)

2 manuals, 8 speaking stops, mechanical action
Great: Open Diapason 8, Hohl Flute 8, Dulciana 8, Principal 4
Swell: Lieblich Gedact 8, Viol d’Orchestre 8, Suabe Flute 4
Pedal: Bourdon 16
Couplers: Swell to Great, Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal, Swell Octave
Manual compass 58 notes CC- A5, Pedal Compass 30 notes CC-F
Mechanical action to manuals and drawstops; tubular-pneumatic action to pedal
Lever swell pedal
4 composition pedals
Measurements: unknown at present

Contact: Scott Hohne, [email protected] , The Sydney Maori Anglican Fellowship Church of Te Wairue Taper I, 587 Elizabeth Street, Redfern, NSW, 02 9858 1626


Drummoyne Uniting Church (formerly Methodist), 34 College Street, Drummoyne
W.L. Roberts, Adelaide, 1928
2 manuals, 14 speaking stops, 7 couplers, pneumatic action

Dimensions: [not supplied]

Contact: Five Dock-Drummoyne Uniting Church Office 02-9713-6818


St John-the-Evangelist Anglican Church, Anglo Road, Campsie
C.W. Leggo, Sydney, 1931
Restored 1972 Ian D. Brown
2manuals, 11 speaking stops, 7 couplers, pneumatic action
Dimensions: [not supplied]

Contact: Stephanie Chan 0404-686-217 or [email protected]


Caulfield St Pauls organ from floor 1

St Paul's Anglican Church, Dandenong Road, Caufield, VIC

Built 1928 Hill, Norman & Beard Ltd

2 manuals, 3 ranks extended, electro-pneumatic action.

Contact: The Revd Brendan McDonald
M: 0423 700 770
E: [email protected]

North Melbourne Uniting Church Curzon Street console

Former Uniting (Union Memorial Presbyterian) Church, Curzon Street, North Melbourne, VIC

Built 1988 Knud Smenge

1 manual, 7 speaking stops, mechanical action, manual to pedal coupler.

Contact: Donna Newman
E: [email protected]

Geelong Church of Christ 02

Church of Christ, La Trobe Terrace, Geelong

Built by John Courcelle, London, 1858; restored by Geo. Fincham & Sons Pty Ltd 1998

1 manual, 6 speaking stops, pedal pulldowns, mechanical key and stop action

Gothic style case with gilded dummy pipes

Dimensions (approx.): 2 metres wide, 1 metre deep, 3 metres high

The organ is in excellent mechanical and tonal condition

The church is currently being sold and the organ will need to be removed and placed in a new venue.  Offers are invited for the instrument. Please contact:

Contact: Robert Palma | Property and Business Advisory Services, Churches of Christ Vic/Tas

T | 03 9488 8800
M | +61 499 996 427
E | [email protected]

Camberwell Wanganella KF 03-1

‘Wanganella’, Camberwell, Victoria

Built by Peter Lord, Camberwell, 1966-1968 using components supplied by Hill, Norman & Beard.

2 manuals, six ranks plus Mixture extended, electro-magnetic action, attached stopkey console.

Offers are invited for the acquisition of this instrument as the property is to be sold shortly.

Width  3160mm
Height  3880mm
Depth  1980mm, plus 790mm including pedalboard

To inspect, call Gary Wright  0407 956 836.


Uniting (former Methodist) Church, Pleasant Street, Ballarat

[This church has closed. The organ is in good working order]
George Fincham & Sons, Melbourne, 1921
2 manuals, 14 speaking stops, 4 couplers, tubular-pneumatic action.

Dimensions: Case - 4.25m high, 5m wide, 1.71m deep.
Centre tower projects a little in depth, height to top of centre pipe estimated 4.6m.
Console - 1.17m high x 1.44m wide x 1.13m deep, plus 0.4m for pedalboard.


Uniting (former Presbyterian) Church, Port Melbourne

Geo. Fincham & Sons Pty Ltd, Melbourne, 1925
2 manuals, 9 speaking stops, 3 couplers, pneumatic action

Dimensions: 2 metres deep plus a further 1 metre for the console and pedal board, 3.06
metres wide and around 5 metres high

Contact: John Maynard (Advisor on Organs for the Uniting Church of Australia, Synod of
Victoria and Tasmania) 0419-902-927 or [email protected]



Former Baptist Tabernacle, Collingwood, Vic

Builder unknown (possibly Robert Mackenzie, Melbourne)

Installed second-hand 1881 at the Baptist Tabernacle, Collingwood, Vic
Partially restored by John Brooks, Coolum Beach, Qld, 1993-2010

1 manual & pedals, 6 speaking stops, mechanical action.

The instrument is not currently assembled
Dimensions: [not supplied]

Contact: Stephen Brooks 0413-881-225  or [email protected]


Former Baptist Church, South Bank (South Brisbane)
(Church demolished; organ in storage)

Whitehouse Bros, Brisbane, 1928, for the Congregational Church Hall, Brisbane Electrified with additions, c.1973, Whitehouse Bros, Brisbane
Rebuilt 1984 H.W. Jarrott, Brisbane
2 manuals, 19 speaking stops, electro-pneumatic action

Dimensions: [not supplied]

Contact: Simon Pierce 0412-676-282 or [email protected]

South Australia

Screenshot at Mar 21 20-55-01

Ex Trinity Uniting (Methodist) Church, Glenelg, South Australia

1914 JE Dodd organ, rebuilt 1959.

2 manuals, 37 stops (27 speaking), 30 ranks, electropneumatic action.

Dimensions: The organ’s footprint is approximately 5.5 metres x 3 metres, which is 16.5 square metres (not including blower cubicle & console), and its maximum height is about 3.5 metres.

Contact: John Edwards & Beverley Morris, Eden Valley, South Australia 5235 ph: 8564 1164, mobile: 0428 079 542 or 0425 524 298, email: [email protected]


In storage at Workshop of Ian Wardle, Paracombe

J.E. Dodd & Sons Gunstar Organ Works, Adelaide, 1966
2 manuals, 3 ranks extended, direct electric action
Enlarged 1993, 1994, 2004 and 2006, mostly by Leith Jacob, Adelaide
3 manuals, 17 ranks extended (41 speaking stops), direct electric action

Dimensions: Instrument: 3.2m high x 2.540m wide x 1.585m deep
Console: 1.2m high x 1.450m wide x 0.950m deep

May be suitable for re-using the large quantity of pipework by Aug Laukhuff,
added since 1993.

Contact: Ian Wardle 0423-813-310 or 08-8380-5628 or [email protected]

Western Australia

No organs listed at present.


No organs listed at present.

A select list of successfully re-located organs in Australia

This list contains some redundant organs that have been successfully re-located in Australia since 1995. The list is arranged chronologically by the dates of re-location. The organs listed are notable in that they retain the integrity of their original builder's design.

Included here are instruments that were originally listed by OHTA as redundant, some that were effectively redundant although never listed as such, and some that have been successfully re-located from overseas.


St Peter's Anglican Church, East Sydney, NSW (Hele & Co. 1880)
to St Finbar's Catholic Church, Glenbrook, NSW


Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Port Melbourne, Vic (Geo. Fincham & Sons 1901)
to St Joseph's Catholic Church, Edgecliff, NSW


St Stephen’s Catholic Cathedral, Brisbane (William Anderson 1889?)
to Old Museum Building, Bowen Hills, Qld


St Luke's Anglican Church, Cowley, Oxfordshire, UK (Harrison & Harrison 1938)
to St Mark's Anglican Church, Fitzroy, Vic


Independent (Congregational) Church, Prahran, Vic (Frederick W. Nicholson 1862)
to St Patrick and the Holy Angels' Catholic Church, Mentone, Vic


St Mary's Redemptorist Monastery, Ballarat, Vic (Alfred Fuller 1890)
to St John's Catholic Church, Heidelberg, Vic


Epworth Uniting Church, Parkside, SA (J.E. Dodd 1912)
to St Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, Claremont, WA


Presbyterian Assembly Hall (Scots Church), Sydney (Hill, Norman & Beard 1930)
to Scotch College Memorial Hall, Hawthorn, Vic


Elsternwick Baptist Church, Vic (Douglas Renton 1874)
to St John the Evangelist Anglican Church, Flinders, Vic


St Saviour's Anglican Church, Walton Place, London, UK (Norman & Beard 1898)
to St Patrick's Catholic Cathedral, Parramatta, NSW


Methodist Church, North Essendon, Vic (Fincham & Hobday 1891)
to St Fidelis' Catholic Church, Moreland, Vic


St John the Baptist Anglican Church, West Hobart, Tas (Henry Bevington & Sons 1879)
to St John the Baptist Catholic Church, Bonnyrigg Heights, NSW


Newtown Methodist Church, Wellington, NZ (Arthur Hobday 1905)
to St Mary's Catholic Cathedral, Perth, WA


Seventh-Day Adventist Church, College Park, SA (Johann Wolff 1880)
to St Aloysius' Catholic Church, Caulfield, Vic


Congregational Church, Williamstown, Vic (George Fincham 1885)
to St Carthage's Catholic Church, Parkville, Vic


St Francis Xavier's Catholic Church, Bowenfels, NSW (Balbiani 1929)
to Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Carlton, Vic


St Peter's Anglican Church, Eaglehawk, Vic (Alfred Crook c.1886)
to St Mary-the-Virgin Anglican-Catholic Church, Caulfield South, Vic


Town Hall, Adelaide, SA (Hill & Son 1877)
to Barossa Regional Gallery, Tanunda, SA


Marist College, Pearce, ACT (Wadsworth Bros 1908)
to Westminster Presbyterian Church Belconnen, Cook, ACT


Uniting Church (formerly Methodist), Barkly Street, Ballarat, Vic (Fincham & Hobday 1899)
to St John's Anglican Church, Creswick, Vic


Girrawheen Community Church (formerly Methodist), Brighton, Vic (Alfred Fuller 1884, 1893)
to St Brendan's Catholic Church, Flemington, Vic


St Jean de la Croix Catholic Church, Montreal, Canada (Casavant Frères 1927)
to St Francis Xavier's Catholic Cathedral, Adelaide, SA


Congregational Church, Gawler, SA (Fincham & Hobday 1885, 1888)
to 'Swifts', Darling Point, NSW


St Joseph’s Catholic Church, Port Melbourne, Vic (George Fincham, early 1870s)
to former Uniting/Methodist Church (since renamed Fincham Hall), Dunkeld, Vic


Whitley College Chapel, Parkville, Vic (Laurie Pipe Organs, 1975)
to St Mark’s Anglican Church, Balnarring, Vic


St Alban’s Anglican Church, North Melbourne (Builder unknown, mid-19 th century English)
to Beechworth Town Hall, Beechworth, Vic


All Hallows' Church, Great Mitton, Lancashire, UK (James J. Binns, 1903)
to St Mark’s Anglican Church, Picton, NSW


Methodist Church, Woolston, NZ. N.T. Pearce, Christchurch, NZ, 1908 (incorporating
components supplied by Gray & Davison, London (job number 10791). Removed 1981 to
Christchurch Cathedral Grammar School Chapel. Dismantled c.2009-10 and placed in
storage at South Island Organ Company, Timaru.
to St John’s Anglican Church, Sorrento, Vic


St Paul’s Anglican Pro-Cathedral, Hay, NSW. E.F. Walcker & Cie, Ludwigsburg,
Germany, 1887 (opus 487)
to St John’s Anglican Church, Corowa, NSW