The Australian Pipe Organ Centre

The proposal for an Australian Pipe Organ Centre was first raised in OHTA News in January 2014, and was approved for fund-raising purposes by OHTA Council in September 2017. Donations and Bequests to the fund are invited.

The concept of the Centre is based to some extent on that of the Organ Clearing House in New York, although it goes well beyond this.

The fund to support the Centre is a capital-raising one, initially for the purpose of acquiring a premises. The project envisages the provision of facilities for temporary storage and/or display of worthy organs that have become redundant, with a view to finding them suitable homes. It would also provide space for archival and museum purposes, would have educational and concert possibilities, and might possibly provide accommodation for an on-site manager.

The fund would need to cover acquisition costs, as well as the development, maintenance and operation of the Centre. It is envisaged that links with philanthropic organisations will be explored in order to assist in raising funds for these purposes.