The OHTA Foundation Fund

The establishment of the OHTA Foundation Fund was formally approved by OHTA Council at its meeting in September 2017.  Donations and Bequests to the Fund are invited to support the work of OHTA into the future.  A downloadable brochure is attached below.

The OHTA Foundation Fund is designed to preserve and invest all contributions, thereby providing income to support the work of OHTA in general.  It is modelled on the Endowment Fund of the Organ Historical Society in the USA, but has been established within OHTA’s Trust fund, rather than as a separate foundation. The Fund is governed by a specific set of Rules, approved by OHTA Council and available below as a downloadable attachment.

Only the Interest from the Fund may be spent, and this is possible in a variety of ways. The OHTA Council has complete discretion in this regard. In the USA, the Organ Historical Society has used the income from its Endowment Fund to employ an Executive Director.  Much of OHTA’s work over the past forty years has been reliant upon volunteers, and this is one of many possibilities that OHTA might consider in the future.

The investment of the principal of the OHTA Foundation Fund is subject to the advice of an Advisory Board that is appointed and acts in accordance with the Rules.  Each year, an agreed percentage of the income from the Fund is reinvested and added to the principal so that it continues to provide a strong investment base.