The Committee is exploring holding the 43rd annual OHTA conference both in person and online. Originally intended to be based in the portside city of Fremantle, Western Australia, the Conference will be held in the week starting Monday 27 September 2021, ‘Fremantle : Gateway to the West’ will focus upon the work of organ builders in the Fremantle, Perth and Avon Valley region of Western Australia. They include familiar names such as Dodd, Gunstar, Bellsham, Elms, Fuller, Hill & Son, Hufner, Kirkham, Larner, Pipe Organs WA and Smenge, but also unfamiliar ones such as Blank & Zoon, François Delhumeau and Wragg.  Several instruments have been restored since previous visits, such as the mid-18th century English organ at Kelmscott. We are looking into having events livestreamed to allow access to those unable to attend in person, while those able to will have the opportunity to explore the beauty of the region’s undulating countryside and marvellous coastline, while sampling the many gastronomical and viticultural delights that abound in the area. The programme plans to include a number of organ recitals, demonstrations, papers, a cruise on the Swan River, a visit to the spectacular Swan Bells (Perth Bell Tower) and the York Motor Museum. Further information will be included in the next OHTA News and on the website once a final decision has been made as to the format of the Conference presentation.

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