List of organs built by Knud Smenge Pty Ltd

compiled by John Maidment


1. Victorian College of the Arts, South Melbourne, Victoria. 1m/3½ stops (1982)

2. St Mary’s College, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria. 1m/3½ stops (1982)

3. Luther College, Croydon, Victoria. 1m/3½ stops (1982) [now housed at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Fortitude Valley, Qld]

4. Old Darlington School, University of Sydney, NSW. 1m/3½ stops (1982) [now housed at NSW State Conservatorium of Music]

5. Trinity College Chapel, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria. 1m/4 stops (1983)

6. St Peter’s Lutheran Church, Beenleigh, Queensland. 2m/8 stops (1983)

7. College Uniting Church, Parkville, Victoria. 1m/3½ stops (1984) [now housed at Curzon Street Uniting Church, North Melbourne]

8. Swedish Church, Toorak, Victoria. 1m/4 stops (1984)

9. University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. 1m/3½ stops (1984)

10. Newington College Chapel, Stanmore, NSW. 2m/17 stops (1985)

11. Residence of Douglas Lawrence, Parkville, Victoria. 2m/7 stops (1985) [now housed at Brunswick from 2002]

12. Residence of Bruce Steele, Balwyn, Victoria. 2m/8 stops (1985)

13. Residence of Ken Peard, Glen Waverley, Victoria. 2m/5 stops (1985)

14. Church of Mary Immaculate Catholic, Manly, NSW. 2m/27 stops (1986)

15. Residence of Deane Miller, Wollongong, NSW. 1m/4 stops (1986) [Moved to Summertown, South Australia ]

16. Church of the Resurrection Anglican, Mount Macedon, Victoria. 1m/4 stops (1986) [Moved to Residence of John Tungyep, Castlemaine, Vic.]

17. Timbertop Chapel, Geelong Grammar School, Mansfield, Victoria. 1m/4 stops (1986)

18. St George’s Anglican Cathedral, Perth, WA. 1m/4 stops (1987)

19. Newcastle Conservatorium, University of Newcastle, NSW. 2m/26 stops (1988)

20. Mercy Campus, Australian Catholic University, Ascot Vale, Victoria. 2m/5 stops (1988) [moved to Australian Catholic University St Patrick’s Campus, Fitzroy, 2000]

21. Residence of Norman Kaye, South Yarra, Victoria 2m/4 stops (1987) [moved to residence of Christopher Wrench, Brisbane, 2000]

22. Uniting Church, Curzon Street, North Melbourne, Victoria. 1m/7 stops (1988)

23. St Oswald’s Anglican Church, Glen Iris, Victoria. 2m/11 stops (1989)

24. Canberrra Girls Grammar School Chapel, Deakin, ACT. 2m/12 stops (1989)

25. St Andrew’s Lutheran Church, Brisbane, Qld. 2m/17 stops (1990)

26. University of Tasmania, Sandy Bay, Tasmania. 2m/27 stops (1991)

27. Residence of Dr Harold Fabrikant, Caulfield, Victoria. 2m/6 stops (1991)

28. Residence of Dr Robin Batterham, Sandringham, Victoria [Moved to Parkville, Vic.] 2m/5 stops (1992)

29. St John’s Lutheran Church, Southgate, South Melbourne, Vic. 2m/23 stops (1992)

30. St George’s Anglican Cathedral, Perth, WA (grand organ). 3m/46 stops (1993)

31. Faculty of Music, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Vic (practice organ). 2m/5 stops (1993) [Moved to residence of Richard Mills, Brunswick c.2004]

32. St George’s Anglican Cathedral, Perth, WA (choir organ). 2m/17 stops (1994)

33. Church of the Epiphany, Crafers, SA. 2m/22 stops (1995)

34. Lutheran Church, Lobethal, SA. 2m/17 stops (1996)

35. Residence of Glenn Gersch, Melbourne, Victoria. 1m/4 stops (1996)

36. Stock organ. 1m/4 stops (1996) [at The Scots’ Church, Melbourne 1999-2000; sold to St John’s Lutheran Church, Southgate 2001]

37. Residence of Dr Harold Fabrikant, Caulfield, Victoria. 2m/15 stops (1998)

38. Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School, Ivanhoe, Victoria. 2m/12 stops (1998)

39. Residence of Dr Neil Trezise, St Andrews, Victoria. 2m/10 stops (1998)

40. St Stephen’s Catholic Cathedral, Brisbane. 3m/47 stops (1999) – electric

41. Newman College Chapel, Parkville. 1m/4 stops (2002)


St Mary’s Anglican Church, North Melbourne, Vic. (Werner Bosch 1958). 2m/12 stops (1984)

Ormond College Chapel, Parkville, Victoria. (Ronald Sharp 1974). 2m/16 stops (1993)


St Ambrose’s Catholic Church, Brunswick, Victoria. (William Anderson 1880s). 2m/15 stops (1982)

St Matthew’s Anglican Church, Windsor, NSW. (Johnson & Kinloch 1840). 2m/10 stops (1987)

St Jude’s Anglican Church, Carlton, Victoria. (Fincham 1868). 2m/11 stops (1989-1990) [badly damaged by fire 2015]

TOTAL: 41 new organs, 2 rebuilds, 3 restorations = 46 contracts


Compiled by John Maidment November 2002 – upgraded February 2017