AHC Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew
AM Allans Music, Melbourne
AMC Australian Music Centre
AME Australia Music Editions
AP Advocate Press, Melbourne
APL Ashdown & Parry, London
BDC Bardic Edition
B&H Boosey & Hawkes
BLP Birralee Publishing, Woodford
BM Belwin Mills
BW Black Wattle Music, Adelaide
CM Centraton Musikverlag, Germany
CMC Celtic Music Company
COP Coburn Press
CP Currency Press, Sydney
CT Charles Troedel, Melbourne
DTHOT Dunedin Town Hall Organ Trust
ENU Enoch & Sons
FR Festival Recordings, Perth
GGSS George Georss Sonic Solutions, Hobart
GM Grainger Museum
GMS George Murray, Sydney
HAE H. A. Evans and Son
JAD Jade Recordings, Sydney
JF J. Fischer
JLN Jean-Luc Napoleon III Press
KMP Kevin Mayhew Publishers
LM Leeds Music, Sydney
LTL La Trobe Library, Melbourne
LUP La Trobe University Press
MCR McLaughlin & Reilley, Boston, USA
MD/MS Move Records
MLS Mitchell Library, Sydney
MOA Musica Organica Australis
MT Musical Times
OL The Organ Loft
OMS(N) Organ Music Society (Adelaide) (Newsletter)
OQJ The Organists Quarterly Journal
OSS The Organ Society of Sydney
PLNSW Public Library of NSW
S&B Stainer & Bell
SC Southern Cross Records
SCH Schott & Co. Ltd.
SLV State Library of Victoria
SOJ Sydney Organ Journal
SOV Society of Organists, Victoria
SSM Spaeth/Schmid Musikverlag, Germany
UE Universal Edition
UMML University of Melbourne, Music Library
UMP United Music Publishers
US University of Sydney
VOJ Victorian Organ Journal
WAL Walsingham Records
WB Weinberger
WIL Joseph Williams
WML Waterloo Music Ltd
WIG Wigmore Music Library, Perth
ABC Australian Broadcasting Commission
AFT Adelaide Festival Theatre
AP Anthony Pope
AOW Adelaide Organ Week
BCM Ballarat Festival of Organ and Church Music
DK David Kinsela
DL Douglas Lawrence
DP Dominic Perissinotto
FA Film Australia
JWM John Whalley Mallinson
SP Sergio de Pieri
MCO Melbourne Chamber Orchestra
MSO Melbourne Symphony
OCC Ormond College Choir, Parkville
ORF Osterreichischner Rundfunk
OSS Organ Society of Sydney
POF Perth Organ Festival
RA Robert Ampt
RKB Robert Keith Boughen
TN Terry Norman
VAC Victorian Arts Centre


ASE All Saints’ Church, East St Kilda
CCB Christ Church, Brunswick
CCS First Church of Christ Scientist, Melbourne
CSB Collins Street Baptist Church
GMP Grainger Museum, University of Melbourne, Parkville
GHN Great Hall, National Gallery, Melbourne
MCH Melbourne Concert Hall
MHU Melba Hall, University of Melbourne, Parkville
MTH Melbourne Town Hall
OCP Ormond College Chapel, Parkville
OLV Our Lady of Victories Basilica, Camberwell
RBH Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash University, Clayton
SAB St Andrew’s Church, Brighton
SJC St John’s Church, Camberwell
SJS St John’s Church, Southgate, South Melbourne
SHC Sacred Heart Church, Carlton
SMC St Michael’s Church, Collins Street (former Independent Church)
SMN St Mary’s Church, North Melbourne
SPC St Peter’s Eastern Hill, East Melbourne
SPE St Peter’s Church, Toorak
SPL St Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne
SPT St Patrick’s Cathedral, East Melbourne
TCP Trinity College Chapel, Parkville
TSC The Scots’ Church, Collins Street
TUC Toorak Uniting Church
UNM Uniting Church, North Melbourne