A Diverse Heritage:
organs in historic urban and
rural settings in New South Wales


33rd Annual Conference

Sydney and the Central West of New South Wales

Easter Monday 5th April - Sunday 11th April, 2010


2010 OHTA Conference participants outside St Mary's Catholic Church, Mudgee
Photo: Hugh Knight, 8th April, 2010

Monday 5th April
All Saints' Anglican Church, 85 Ocean Street, Woollahra
Forster & Andrews (1882) (3/30 mechanical with Barker lever)
St Joseph's Catholic Church, Albert Street, Edgecliff
First organ: B. 1912 Norman & Beard, London & Norwich
Reb. 1973 Geo. Fincham & Sons. 2m., 14 sp. st., 3c., el. pn.
Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.8.4.
Present organ: Geo. Fincham & Sons 1901 (2/15 mechanical)

St Andrew's Scots Church, cnr Dover Road and Carlisle Street, Rose Bay
Hill & Son 1884 (2/18 mechanical) Job. no. 1890

Wentworth Memorial Anglican Church, Fitzwilliam Road, Vaucluse
Roger H Pogson 1965 (2/5 extension, electro-pneumatic)

Vaucluse Uniting Church (formerly Congregational), Russell Street, Vaucluse
Chappell & Co. (London) c. 1873, rebuilt C.W. Leggo 1933 (2/9 mechanical)

Mary Immaculate & St Charles Borromeo Catholic Church,
Victoria Street, Waverley
George Fincham & Sons 1979 (2/23 mechanical)
Tuesday 6th April
Sydney Cheil Uniting Church
formerly Wesley Uniting (Methodist) Church

cnr. Concord Road & Sydney Street, Concord
B. c.1915 Aeolian Co., New York.
Reb. & inst. 1935 S.T. Noad from residence of Mr Westbrook, Vaucluse
2m., 22 sp.st., 7c., el.pn.
Gt: Sw (duplexed): Ped: 16.16.

St James' Anglican Church, Edwin Street, Croydon
James Conacher & Sons 1889 (2/15 mechanical)

St Luke's Anglican Church, 17 Burton Street, Concord
Hill & Son 1883, restored Mark Fisher 1987 (2/15 mechanical)

Uniting Church (formerly Congregational), 134 Burwood Road, Burwood
1st organ: J.W. Walker & Sons of London 1880.
It was removed and broken up in 1958
2nd organ: B. Wurlitzer Co., Tonawanda. NY for Kings Cross Theatre, Kings Cross.,
Inst. 1958 from Savoy Theatre, Hurstville. 2m., 10 rks. etx., el.pn.
Present organ: Gray & Davison 1887, inst 1992 Pitchford & Garside from Wales
(2/21 mechanical and tubular-pneumatic)

Trinity Uniting Church (formerly Congregational),
cnr The Boulevarde and Morwick Street, Strathfield
Norman & Beard 1909 (2/18 tubular-pneumatic)

Sydney Town Hall cnr George & Druitt Streets, Sydney
Hill & Son 1886-9 (5/127 tubular-pneumatic/Barker lever)

Wednesday 7th April

St Patrick's Catholic Cathedral, cnr Victoria Street & Marist Place, Parramatta
Norman & Beard 1898, installed Peter DG Jewkes 2005 (3/37 electric)

St Thomas' Anglican Church, St Thomas Road, Mulgoa
B. 1868 J.W. Walker, London (job no. 899)
Res. 1973 Michael O'Dea. 1m., 3 sp.st., tr., hand-blown. Man: 8.8 divided.4.

St Finbar's Catholic Church,
46 Levy Street, Glenbrook (Lower Blue Mountains)
Hele & Co. 1880 (2/22 mechanical)
(formerly in St Peter's Anglican Church, East Sydney)

Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Sydney Road, Kelso
Present organ, B. c.1883 A. Hunter & Son, Clapham, London.
2m., 11 sp. st., 3c., tr. Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.

All Saints' Anglican Cathedral, Church Street, Bathurst
Present organ, B. 1886 Brindley & Foster, Sheffield.
Reb. 1922 C.W. Leggo. Reb. 1964 S.T. Noad & Son and later re-erected in new cathedral.
Tonal alterations 1973 G. Kendall (substitution of Norman & Beard pipework from
St Peter's Anglican Church Eastern Hill, Melbourne for much Brindley & Foster material).
3m., 36 sp. st., 13c., el.pn. Gt:
Sw: Ch: Ped: 5-1/
Thursday 8th April

Uniting (Methodist) Church, William Street, Bathurst
B.1874 & enl. 1887 William Davidson. 2m., 16 sp.st., 3c., tr. & tub.pn. pedal action.
Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.16.

St John-the-Baptist Anglican Church, Mudgee
Present organ, B. 1881 Brindley & Foster, Sheffield (gift of R.H.D. White, Esq.) .
Res. 1966 S.T. Noad & Son. 3m., 24 sp.st., 5c., tr.
Gt: Sw: Ch: Ped:

St Paul's Presbyterian Church, Mortimer Street, Mudgee
B. 1855 J.W. Walker, London for St John-the-Baptist Anglican Church, Mudgee (job no.544).
inst. present location 1881. Res. 1948 S.T. Noad.
1m., 6 sp. st., 1c., tr. Man: divided.2 Ped: 16.

St Mary's Catholic Church, cnr. Church & Market Streets, Mudgee
B. 1866 J.W. Walker, London. Inst. c. 1907-08 from previous unknown location.
1m., 7 sp. st., pedal pulldowns, 1c., tr. Man: 16 divided.

Friday 9th April

St Paul's Anglican Church, cnr. Belubula & Collins Streets, Carcoar
Charles Richardson. 1m., 4 sp. st, 2c., tr. Man, 8.8 divided.8.4.
Res. 2001 Roger H. Pogson.

Church of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
cnr. Collins & Coombing Streets, Carcoar.
B. [c.1890?] Alfred Kirkland, London.
1m., 4 sp.st., pedal pulldowns, tr., hand-blown. Man: 8.8 divided.4.4.

St Paul's Presbyterian Church, Young
B. 1924 Geo Fincham & Sons. 2m., 7 sp.st., 3c., tub.pn. Gt: 8.8.4. Sw: 8.8.4. Ped: l6.
St John's Anglican Church, Young
First organ, B. c.1897 Hardy & Son, Stockport, England.
Reb. 1925 Geo. Fincham & Sons. Disused 1959-74.
Reb. 1975 G. Kendall. Rem. 1979 & broken up.
2m., 15 sp.st., 5c., el.pn. Gt: Sw: Ped:
Present organ, B. 1893 Charles Richardson for German Lutheran Church,
Goulburn Street, Sydney. Tonal alterations 1968 S.T. Noad & Son.
Res. & inst. present location 1980 Brown & Arkley.
2m., 13 sp.st., 4c., tr. Gt: Sw: prep. for. Ped: 16.8.

Ross Memorial Uniting (Presbyterian) Church, Harden
B. 1917 J.E. Dodd, Adelaide. 2m., 15 sp. st., 5c., tr. & tub.pn.
Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.16.

Saturday 10th April

St Clement's Anglican Church, cnr. Church & Rossi Streets, Yass
B. 1876 William Davidson; cost £250. Res. 1980 Brown & Arkley.
2m., 9 sp.st., 2c.. tr. Gt: 8.8 divided.8.4. Sw: Ped: 16.

St Edmund's Anglican Church, Gunning
Chamber organ Anon c.1863, restored Mark Fisher 1995 (1/4 mechanical)
Purchased 2006 from All Saints' Anglican Church, Woollahra, Sydney
Formerly at East Burwood Anglican Church.

St John-the-Baptist Catholic Church,
cnr Cowpasture Road and Mount Street, Bonnyrigg
1879 Bevington organ from St John the Baptist Anglican Church, Hobart
2m., 16 sp.st., tr.

Sunday 11th April
Pitt St Uniting Church, Sydney
264 Pitt Street (formerly Congregational)
First organ: B. 1845 W. J. Johnson
Second organ: B. c. 1906 W.G Rendall: rem. 1910 Present location uncertain.
3m., 38 sp. st., tub. pn. Gt:[Mixture prep. for].8.4.
Sw: Ch: Ped:
Present organ: Hill & Son 1910 (3/31 tubular pneumatic
Sydney Opera House, Sydney
Concert organ: Ronald Sharp 1979 (5/132 mechanical and electric)



Please download the conference brochure by clicking here.

With the theme “A Diverse Heritage: organs in historic urban and rural settings in New South Wales” the 2010 OHTA conference, took place in Sydney and the Central West of NSW, 5 - 11 April 2010. The post-Easter time was designed to attract students to the conference, for whom attendance at other times has proven difficult in recent years, owing to changes in the University calendar. The conference featured about 29 organs, including instruments by Hill & Son, Forster & Andrews, Fincham, Puget, Pogson, Norman & Beard, Leggo, Walker, Davidson, Hunter, Brindley & Foster, Richardson and Dodd.

Accommodation in Sydney. OHTA negotiated a special rate at the Mercure Hotel, Railway Square, Sydney. Owing to the Easter weekend, the rates were regrettably variable, but it was possible also to get a reduced rate for the three days prior to the conference and the two following the end of the conference. The rates were:

1 & 2 April: $145 per room per night, room only

3 & 4 April: $165 per room per night, room only

5 & 6 April: $145 per room per night, room only

10 & 11 April: $145 per room per night, room only

Participants must call the hotel and book directly by quoting the group reference “OHTA 0404”. They can call the hotel’s reservations department on 02 9217 6777 or email Natasha Leal directly on [email protected] Participants will need a credit card number to secure their booking and will be settling their own account directly at the hotel on check out. No rooms are currently being held, so all bookings will be on a request basis. Any cancellation within 24 hours before arrival will incur a penalty charge of one night accommodation fee per room for the guest.

Two nights were spent in Bathurst and one in Yass – the cost of these was included in the conference registration fee.

The event started on Easter Monday, 5 April and concluded on Sunday 11 April.

The programme was as follows:

Monday 5 April: Organs in Sydney’s East – a joint function with the Organ Music Society of Sydney

Tuesday 6 April: Organs in the inner Western Suburbs – Concord and Strathfield

Wednesday 7 April: Sydney to Bathurst via Parramatta and the Blue Mountains

Thursday 8 April: Bathurst and Mudgee

Friday 9 April: Bathurst to Yass via Carcoar

Saturday 10 April: Return to Sydney

Sunday 11 April (from 2.00 pm): Central Sydney

The conference brochure is available by clicking here.

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