38th Annual Conference

Organ Historical Trust of Australia

Sunday 27 September - Saturday 3 October 2015


Group shot taken outside St John's Anglican Church, Raymond Terrace
[photo:  Hugh Knight 28 Sept 2015]



The 2015 OHTA Conference will be held in country New South Wales, commencing in Newcastle on Sunday 27 September and finishing there on the afternoon of Saturday 3 October. It is proposed that a coach will leave central Sydney on the afternoon of 27 September – interstate/overseas participants will therefore be able to fly in and out of Sydney. It is possible to fly directly to Newcastle (Williamtown), but as there are only a few direct flights daily from Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and some other regional centres, intending participants are advised to book early. Newcastle airport is some 30km from the centre of Newcastle, and is accessible by taxi or bus. If necessary, the conference coach will take participants to Newcastle airport at the conclusion of the conference and then return to Sydney.

The conference will take the form of a tour north along the mid-north coast of New South Wales as far as Bellingen, then inland to Armidale and returning to Newcastle. About 21 organs will be heard during the tour: the area contains representative samples of the work of English builders Hunter, Nicholson, Walker and Willis, an American Estey pipe organ and Australian organs by Davidson, Dodd, Fincham, Griffin & Leggo, and Whitehouse. There will be minimal overlap with organs visited during the 2005 conference, which focused on instruments of the lower Hunter Region. A small number of lectures and recitals will be given and there will be a short festival of Wesleyan hymnody to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the foundation of Methodism in New South Wales.

The cost of registration will be somewhat higher than previous conferences, owing to the inclusion of six nights' accommodation in the fee. There will be discounts for members and "early bird" registrations.

Enquiries can be directed to Kelvin Hastie ([email protected]).

Please click here to download the Conference Brochure.

Schedule of organs to be visited

(as at 21 September 2015)

For the full schedule, please click here to download.

Please note that there will be changes on Thu I Oct as St Ursula's Chapel is closed for restoration.

8.45   Load bus
9.00   Bus departs for Tamworth (115 km)
11.00 Late Morning Tea/Lunch in Tamworth
12.00 Bus departs for Quirindi via Werris Creek (45 km)
12.45 Australian Railway Monument and Rail Journeys Museum, Railway Parade, Werris Creek
1.50   Bus departs for Quirindi (19 km)



2.00 – 3.00 Optional recital – Jonathan Dimmock (San Francisco) at Christ Church St Laurence, Railway Square, Sydney

Christ Church St Laurence Anglican Church
First organ: B. c. 1845 William Johnson; destroyed by fire 18/8/1905
Present organ: Hill & Son 1892 (3/26 mechanical and tubular-pneumatic)

3.15 Bus leaves from bus stop at Bay 14, Eddy Ave (in front of Central Station)

5.45 Christ Church Anglican Cathedral, Newcastle (N&B/Walker)
Evensong and short recital/examination of French Harmonium

Christ Church Anglican Cathedral
First organ, details unavailable. Sold 1870 to St Paul's Anglican Church Stockton, Newcastle.
Second organ, see: Newcastle. All Saints Anglican Church, Belmont.
Third organ, see: Coogee. St Nicholas' Anglican Church.
Present organ, B. 1906 Norman & Beard, London & Norwich. Enl. 1923 T.C
Edwards (addition of solo organ and other stops). Reb. 1963 J.W. Walker
Sons, Ruisllp, Middlesex. Cleaned and re-erected following building of
central tower 1979 J.W. Walker & Sons (Australia)
Earthquake damage repairs and three additions by Peter Jewkes completed 1998.
3m., 60, 12c.,
Gt: Sw: III.

7.00 Bus departs for Travelodge Motel, 12 Steel Street, Newcastle – [dinner at motel]



9.00 St Paul's Anglican Church, Stockton (Nicholson & Co., 1891 - 2/17)

St Paul's Anglican Church
First organ, details unavailable.
Inst. 1870 from Christ Church Pro-cathedral, Newcastle.
Present location unknown.
Present organ, B. 1891 Nicholson & Co., Worcester.
Inst. 1911 from All Saints' Anglican Church, Singleton.
2m., 17, 4c., tr. Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.8.

10.30 St John's Anglican Church, Raymond Terrace

St John's Anglican Church
B. 1862 J.W. Walker, London (job no. 692).
Res. 1974 Fr John Hamer-Howarth, Caloundra, Queensland.
Cleaned and overhauled 1978 Peter Jewkes, 2004 Peter Jewkes.
1m., 5 sp. st., pedal pulldowns, tr. Man: 8.8 divided.8.4.2.

10.45 Demonstration of organ (J.W. Walker, 1862 – 1/5)

11.30 OHTA  Annual General Meeting

12.00 Lunch

1.45 St Anne's Anglican Church, Gresford (Whitehouse Bros., 1954 – 1/5)

St Anne's Anglican Church
B. 1954 Whitehouse Bros.: Brisbane. Res. Ian Brown & Assoc. 2003
1m., 5, 2c., Man: Ped: 16.

3.15 Christ Church Anglican, Dungog (Griffin & Leggo 1918 /Noad, 1965 – 2/12)

Christ Church Anglican
B. 1918 Griffin & Leggo. Reb. 1965 S.T. Noad & Son.
2m., 12, 6c., Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.8.
Sited on rood screen, the organ filling the chancel arch.

6.30 Arrive Caravilla Motel, 33 Victoria Street, Taree




9.30 St Thomas' Anglican Church, Port Macquarie (J.W. Walker, 1856 – 1/5)

St Thomas' Anglican Church
B. 1855 J.W. Walker, London (job no.574). Res. 1970 H.W. Jarrott, Brisbane.
1m., 5 sp. st., pedal pulldowns, tr. Man: 8.8 divided.8.4.2.
Barrel mechanism (in working order) consisting of three barrels, each containing 11 hymn tunes.

Demonstration of organ and barrel mechanism

11.10 Port Macquarie Baptist Church (Richardson 1904 greatly enlarged Mapstone)

Baptist Church
B. 1904 Charles Richardson for Congregational Church, Brown Street, Newcastle
Reb. 1969 S.I. Sakacs, Melbourne. Inst. previous Baptist church 1974 Ron Mapstone
2m., 12, 4c.,
Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.8.
Rebuilt and enlarged for the new church building 1993 Ron Mapstone

1.00 Lunch in Kempsey on own

2.00 Uniting Church, Kempsey (Fincham, 1908/ Mapstone, 1974 – 2/12)

Uniting (Methodist) Church
B. 1908 Geo. Fincham & Son for Methodist Church, Strathfield.
Inst. present location 1925 W.G. Rendall.
Electrified 1974 Ron Mapstone. 2m., 12, 6c.,
Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.16.

Lecture on Music and Methodism in Australia 1815-1977

3.15 All Saints' Anglican Church, Kempsey (rebuilt by Jarrott/Jewkes)

All Saints Anglican Church
First organ, B. unknown. 1m., 5, tr. Man: Ped: 16.
Present organ, B. 1968 H.W. Jarrott, Brisbane incorporating pipework from previous instrument.
2m., 13 (5 rks.), 6c., el.mag. Gt: Sw: 8.8.4.III Ped:

6.15 Arrive The Coachmens Inn, 93 Park Beach Road, Coffs Harbour




1.30 Ss Mary & Joseph Catholic Cathedral, Armidale (Fincham 1900/Pogson - 2/14)

Saints Mary and Joseph's Catholic Cathedral
George Fincham, Melbourne, 1900
Rebuilt and moved to present building 1912 Griffin & Leggo, Sydney
2 manuals, 14 speaking stops, tubular-pneumatic action
Restored 1985 Roger H. Pogson, Sydney
2 manuals, 14 speaking stops, mechanical action

2.30 St Paul's Presbyterian Church Armidale (Whitehouse, 1929 – 2/16)

St Paul's Presbyterian Church
Whitehouse Bros, Brisbane, 1929
2 manuals, 11 speaking stops, tubular-pneumatic action

3.30 St Peter's Anglican Cathedral, Armidale (Hunter, 1896 – 2/22)

St Peter's Anglican Cathedral
FIRST ORGAN: George Fincham, Melbourne, 1878
1 manual, 11 speaking stops, 1 coupler, mechanical action
PRESENT ORGAN: A. Hunter & Son, Clapham, London, 1896,
incorporating 8 stops by Fincham from the previous organ
Installed 1896 Charles Richardson, Sydney
Restored 1996 Peter D.G. Jewkes Pty Ltd, Sydney
2 manuals, 22 speaking stops, 6 couplers, tubular-pneumatic action

Lecture on Horbury Hunt (30 minutes)

7.30 Wesley Church, Armidale - Recital and Hymn Festival
(to celebrate 200th anniversary of Australian Methodism) (Willis, 1879 – 2/15)

Wesley Uniting (Methodist) Church
Henry Willis, London, 1879, for St Stephen's Presbyterian Church, Phillip Street, Sydney
Installed in present location 1935 Hill, Norman & Beard (Aust.) Pty Ltd, Melbourne
Restored 1983-85 Roger H. Pogson, Sydney
Refurbished 2012 Peter D.G. Jewkes Pty Ltd, Sydney
2 manuals, 15 speaking stops, 3 couplers, mechanical & tubular-pneumatic action



Please note the changes this morning to the previously published schedule due to St Ursula's Chapel, Armidale being closed for restoration.

8.45   Load bus
9.00   Bus departs for Tamworth (115 km)
11.00 Late Morning Tea/Lunch in Tamworth
12.00 Bus departs for Quirindi via Werris Creek (45 km)
12.45 Australian Railway Monument and Rail Journeys Museum, Railway Parade, Werris Creek
1.50   Bus departs for Quirindi (19 km)

12.00 Lunch in Tamworth

2.15 Munro Memorial Uniting Church, Quirindi (Dodd, 1921 – 2/9)

Munro Memorial Uniting (formerly Presbyterian) Church
J.E. Dodd, Adelaide, 1921
2 manuals, 10 speaking stops,
mechanical and tubular-pneumatic action

3.15 St Alban's Anglican Church, Quirindi (Brook reb Whitehouse, 1925 – 2/8)

St Alban's Anglican Church
Arthur Linley Scott, Maitland, 1897
Installed in original St Alban's church at Quirindi, 1899, Arthur Linley Scott
1 manual, 6 speaking stops, mechanical action
Rebuilt and enlarged Whitehouse Bros, Brisbane, 1926, for new church
2 manuals, 8 speaking stops, tubular-pneumatic action

4.45 St Paul's Anglican Church, Murrurundi (Davidson/Richardson/Leggo – 2/13)

St Paul's Anglican Church
B. known [William Davidson?] Largely destroyed by fire 23.3.1921.
Res. & swell added c. 1923 C.W. Leggo Res. 1963 S.T. Noad & Son.
2m., 13, 2c., tr. Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.

6.15 Arrive Airlie House Motel, 229 New England Highway, Scone



9.45 St Matthias' Anglican Church, Denman (Walker, 1876/Edwards – 1/6)

St Matthias' Anglican Church
B. 1876 J.W. Walker & Sons, London (job no.1060). (1m.,
Enl. T.C. Edwards on additional exhaust pneumatic chests
(Dulciana, Principal, Flute & pedal Bourdon). Original stops left on tr.
Pneumatics electrified 1979 Brown & Arkley.
1m., 6, 2c., tr. & Man: 8.8 divided.8.4.4. Ped: 16.

10.15 Presentation by Simon Colvin on historic recordings of Hunter Valley organs made by Michael Dudman


2.00 St Alban's Anglican Church, Muswellbrook (Walker/Brown)

St Alban's Anglican Church
B. 1868 J.W. Walker, London (job no. 886).
Sw. added later [ Charles Richardson?]. Ped. action electrified 1970's Ian D. Brown.
2m., 13 sp. st., 3c., tr. & Gt: Sw: 8.8 divided.8.4.2. Ped: 16.
New organ: (using some old pipework from prev. organ) 2005 Ian D Brown & Associates,
2m., 17, (4 were prep. for - added 2011) 3 c., tr.

3.30 St Luke's Anglican Church, Scone (Halmshaw, 1887 – 2/11)

St Luke's Anglican Church
B. 1887 Halmshaw & Sons, Birmingham; inst. 1888.
Res. 1980 Brown Arkley. 2m., 11 sp. st., 3c., tr. Gt: Sw: Ped. 16.

4.30 Scone Uniting Church (Estey, 1918/Brown – 2/9)

Uniting (Presbyterian) Church
B. Estey Organ Co., Brattleboro, Vt., USA.
Inst. 1918. Reb. 1974 Fr John Hamer-Howarth, Caloundra, Queensland.
Res. Brown & Arkley 1984
2m., 9 sp. st., 7c., tub. pn. Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.

6.30 Dinner at motel - OHTA Council Meeting



11.30 Newcastle Museum – free time in museum/inspect organ/lunch

Newcastle Museum
B. unknown, Inst. 1924 St Augustine's Anglican Church
from residence of John St Vincent Welch, Esq., Wollstonecraft, Sydney; cost £900.
Overhauled & altered 1964 S.I. Sakacs, Melbourne.
Inst. 2011 Newcastle Museum Peter DG Jewkes
3m., 16 sp. st., 8c., tr. Gt: Sw: Ch: Ped: 16.8.

1.30 Bus departs for Sydney – arrives domestic airport 4.00 pm.

Bus stops at Hornsby station at approximately 2.45 pm for trains to city via Wynyard or Strathfield. Sydney participants can also get trains home from the airport.

Flights should be booked for a departure no earlier than 5.00 pm 4.45pm Bus returns to Central Station