St Luke's Anglican Church

Built c 1900 by the Positive Organ Company, London, opus 168, and one of two Positive organs in Victoria, the other being at St Andrew's Anglican Church, Aberfeldie. The earliest location of the Yea organ is unknown; it has even been suggested that it may have even been in the Tivoli Theatre in its earliest years (possibly substantiated by the presence of a theatrical flyweight on the bellows!)

The organ was installed in St James' Anglican Church, Thornbury in 1917 and moved to The Organ Centre, North Caulfield in 1969. From 1975 to 1982 it was placed in John Maidment's residence in Canterbury and in the latter year it was installed at Yea.

Both George Fincham & Sons and Hill, Norman & Beard carried out restoration work to the organ while at Thornbury and in recent years S. J. Laurie has carried out a full mechanical restoration, including the pneumatic Double Bass 16ft, and installed a new blower, although retaining the foot blowing.

The organ was classified by the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) in 1985 which recorded in its citation that the 'organ is a rare and unaltered example of an early Positive Organ notable for the excellence of its voicing and the ingenuity of its design'.

Double Bass
Open Diapason
Gedeckt Bass
Gedeckt Treble
Dulcet Bass
Dulcet Treble
FFF-C; pneumatic (from Gedeckt)
grooved into Gedeckt 1-12

mechanical action except for Double Bass which is tubular-pneumatic
compass: FF-0, 44 notes.