Immanuel Lutheran Church

Archer Street, North Adelaide

Peter D. Collins, Redbourn, Herts, UK, 1978
2 manuals, 10 speaking stops, 3 couplers, mechanical action


Immanuel Lutheran Church, North Adelaide – exterior
[Photograph by Trevor Bunning (October 2019)]

Historical and Technical Documentation by David Shield and Andrew Georg
© OHTA 1986, 2019 (last updated October 2019)

The first Lutheran service in North Adelaide was conducted by Pastor J.J. Stolz in the Rechabite Hall on 9 February 1930. In 1931, the congregation transferred to the original Primitive Methodist Church in Tynte Street, and in 1934 to a building facing Wellington Square that was placed at their disposal by the Methodist authorities. From January 1954 to April 1956, the congregation met at Angas Hall in the grounds of Immanuel Seminary, until the present church in Archer Street was opened on 26 April 1956.1 The building was designed by one of its young members [later Sir] Eric von Schramek (1921-2010), who went on to design a number of other churches around South Australia.2

An Estey reed organ was in use from 1938, but there were plans to replace it with a pipe organ from the early 1970s. Initial consideration was given to ordering a single-manual pipe organ from Roger Pogson of Sydney, but by 1976 the decision was made to have a two-manual instrument built by Peter D. Collins, of Redbourn, Herts, UK. Sited on a rear gallery, the organ was dedicated on 16 April 1978, with John Stiller as guest organist.3 This was one of Collins' earliest exports to Australia, one of three that came to South Australia, with others in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.4

Immanuel Lutheran Church, North Adelaide – organ and casework
[Photograph by Trevor Bunning (October 2019)]

Collins was a pioneer of the organ reform movement in the UK, and this instrument therefore has a fully mechanical action, classical voicing and total encasement. The tin façade pipes are unusually grouped in two formation.

The casework is of American Red Oak, designed to enhance the interior of the church.5

Immanuel Lutheran Church, North Adelaide – console
[Photograph by Simon Colvin (October 2019)]


Holz Gedackt
Block Flöte
Spitz Quinte





20% tin
95% tin
20/95% tin
20% tin
70% tin

Oak & Jelutong
20/95% tin
95% tin
20/95% tin

Oak & Pine

Tremulant to Manuals
Compass: 56/30
Mechanical key and stop action
Attached drawstop console.6


Immanuel Lutheran Church, North Adelaide – left-hand stop jamb
[Photograph by Trevor Bunning (October 2019)]

Immanuel Lutheran Church, North Adelaide – right-hand stop jamb
[Photograph by Trevor Bunning (October 2019)]



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