Denmark Uniting Church

South Coast Hwy, Denmark

J.E. Dodd 1939 from older parts for residence of Miss M. Brown, North Adelaide
Installed 1946 St Margaret's Anglican Church, Nedlands
Installed 1964 St Stephen's Lutheran Church, Katanning
Removed to storage 1979
Restored and installed present location 1998 Patrick Elms & Co
One manual, six speaking stops, mechanical and tubular-pneumatic action

Denmark Uniting Church: exterior
[Photograph by Trevor Bunning (15 April 2012)]

Historical and Technical Documentation by Patrick Elms and Colin van der Lecq
© OHTA 2012 (last updated May 2012)


The church is a modern brick building seating 100 people.

Denmark Uniting Church: organ
[Photograph by Trevor Bunning (15 April 2012)]

The organ was built in 1939 by J.E. Dodd, Adelaide, for the residence of Miss M. Brown of North Adelaide. In correspondence with Bob Elms in 1971, Sid Gunn, of J.E. Dodd & Son, Gunstar Organ Works, commented that "Mr Dodd made up the organ from parts that were in the factory". It was later installed in 1946 in St Margaret's Anglican Church, Nedlands, WA, and was removed and installed in 1964 in St Stephen's Lutheran Church, Katanning, WA. It was removed in 1979 by Paul Hufner to storage.

The free-standing case is of pine veneered in burr walnut, with the crenellated top mouldings showing evidence of being added much later. The case pipes are wooden dummies.

The organ was obtained by Denmark Uniting Church, around 1993, restored and installed in Denmark Uniting Church in 1998 by Patrick Elms & Co.1

Open 8
Stp. Dia 8
Dulciana 8
Principal 4
Fifteenth 2FT
Octave 16

Bourdon 16
Pedal to Manual



transposed Quintadena

(not installed)


Compass: 58/302
Mechanical action
Pneumatic pedal action

Denmark Uniting Church: console detail
[Photograph by Trevor Bunning (15 April 2012)]

Denmark Uniting Church: drawstops
[Photograph by Trevor Bunning (15 April 2012)]

1 Patrick Elms: Installed and maintains the instrument

2 Specification noted by Patrick Elms