St Hugh's Anglican Church

cnr Schilling Street & Hill Street East, Angaston

Roger Jones, 2011
1 manual, 4 speaking stops, pedal pulldowns, mechanical action

St Hugh's Anglican Church, Angaston, c.1931
[Photograph: State Library of South Australia (SRG 94/A10/15/2 )


Historical and Technical Documentation by John Maidment
© OHTA 2011 (last updated September 2011)

St Hugh's Church, an attractive building faced in stone, was opened in 1931. The interior includes a finely carved rood screen separating the chancel from the nave.

St Hugh's, Angaston – rood screen
[Photograph by John Maidment (August 2011)]

In 2011, Roger Jones constructed and donated a finely crafted new pipe organ for this building. It has been placed on one side to the rear of the building.

St Hugh's, Angaston – organ
[Photograph by John Maidment (August 2011)]

St Hugh's, Angaston – interior
[Photograph by John Maidment (August 2011)]

The organ has mechanical key and stop action and a French-style pedal board, the first constructed by an Australian organbuilder.

The Roger Jones organ – detail, showing glass doors and embossed façade pipes
[Photograph by John Maidment (August 2011)]

The Roger Jones organ – keyboard
[Photograph by John Maidment (August 2011)]

The Roger Jones organ –pedalboard
[Photograph by John Maidment (August 2011)]

The Roger Jones organ - bellows
[Photograph by John Maidment (August 2011)]

The pipework is enclosed within glass doors that may be opened or closed. The embossed façade pipes come from the 2ft octave of the Prestant 4ft. The pipe shades consist of embossed metal vine leaves. The manual keys have arcaded fronts.

Flûte à Cheminée


Compass: Manual CC-G, 56 notes, Pedal pulldowns CC-C, 25 notes