Catalogue of Australian Organ Composition 1866-2002



Composer Title Year Pages & duration
Wade, Simon (1958-) Four incidental keyboard pieces
    iii from The winter's tale
    iv from Twelfth night
Wake, Brett (1958-) Organ postlude 1974 6p. 6m.
  Ténèbres 1975 6p. 5m.
  Organ music '75 1975  
Warren, Peter Offertory no. 14 in G (improvisation) 1996 3m.
Washington, Ella Ann (1962-) Organum 1984 9p. 5m.
  Soliloquoy 1987  
Webb, Peter (1948-) Four sacred songs for soprano, oboe, organ (or piano)
i Puer natus
ii The call
iii O sacred head
iv The strife is o'er
1978 18m.
Westacott, Graham (1959-) Prelude on "Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ" 1992 2p. 4m.
Werder, Felix (1922-) Toccata for organ Op. 121 commissioned by Sergio de Pieri 1970  
  Prom gothic for organ & orchestra Op. 122 commissioned by the ABC 1970  
  Rapprasentazione de Pieri commissioned by Sergio de Pieri 1973 10p.
  Synorgan for organ, synthesiser & wind commissioned by MOH 1974 6p.
  Organ music for Professor George Loughlin 1974  
  Holy Thursday commissioned by the Victorian Society of Organists 1975/1984 5m.
  Sechs preludien für Orgel 1983 14p.
  Flight AZ 1760 1983 13p.
  Felix Werder's case histories 1983 14p.
  Praeludium 1983 14p.
  Toccata for organ 1985 11p. 11m.
Whiffin, Lawrence S. (1930-) Sonata fantasy 1977 14p. 9m.
  Cycles - 1 for organ or harpsichord, written for Graham Cox 1978  
Whitehouse, Stanley (1916-) The eternal flame 1978 2p. 3m.
  After John Gordon (originally for carillon) 1978  
Wiegand, Auguste (1849-1904) Australian march c. 1895  
  Prayer on the ocean 1900  
  Marche Egyptienne in D c. 1900  
  Gavotte in E c. 1901  
  Meditation on the lake of Galilee 1901  
  Pastorale in b flat minor 1901  
  Gran marcia del Rey di Espana c. 1901  
Willcock, Christopher (1947-) Christus factus est 1976 4p. 4m.
  Midwinter Spring (first movement from Lines from "Little Gidding") 1978 7p. 7m.
  Ignem veni (second movement from Lines from "Little Gidding") 1978 5p. 5m.
  The Magi 1978 10p. 8m.
  Into sight for organ & percussion (tenor drum, side drum & gong) 1985 3p. 2m.
  Pietà (text by James McAuley) for organ & soprano 1985 7p. 7m.
  Break of day (text by John Shaw Neilsen) for organ & soprano 1990 8p. 7m.
  Gedaechtnis commissioned by Graham Cox 1995 4p. 6m.
  Da pacem: pour orgue 1995 4p. 3m.
Williamson, Malcolm B. G. C.(1931-) Fons amoris 1956 18p.
  Résurgene du feu 1959 7p. 5m.
  Variations on "Veni creator" 1959  
  Symphony for organ
    Aria I
    Aria II (Passacaglia)
1960 62p. 35m.
  Concerto for organ & orchestra 1961 116p. 20m.
  Vision of Christ phoenix 1961, rev. 1978 18p.
  Elegy J. F. K. 1964 4p. 6m.
  Epitaphs for Edith Sitwell 1966 5p. 7m.
  Peace pieces Book I
    Peace in childhood
    Peace in youth
    Peace in solitude
13p. 6m.
12p. 5m
2p. 3m.
  Peace pieces Book II
    Peace in America
    Wise men visit the Prince of Peace
    Peace of God that passeth all understanding
8p. 8m.
14p. 7m.
13p. 8m.
  Little carols of the saints
    The Magdalene in the  garden
    Francis of Assisi
    Stephen at peace
    Ignatius the soldier
    Paul upon Mars hill
1972 28p. 18m.
  Mass of a medieval saint
1973 24p. 15m.
  Adelaide fanfare for organ & brass (two trumpets, two horns, two trombones & tuba) 1973 7p.
  Organ fantasy on "This is my Father's world" 1975 6p. 5m.
  Organ fantasy on "O paradise!" 1976 3p. 4m.
  The lion of Suffolk 1977 12p. 7m.
  Konstanz fanfare for organ & brass (five trumpets, four horns, two tenor trombones, two bass trombones, tuba & percussion for two players) 1980 14p.
  Richmond fanfare for organ & brass (five trumpets, four horns, two tenor trombones, two bass trombones, tuba & percussion) 1980 17p. 6m.
  Mass of the people of God: Offertoire dialogue des choeurs 1981 16p.
  Fontainebleau fanfare for organ & brass (five trumpets, four horns, two tenor trombones, two bass trombones, tuba & percussion for two players) 1981 30p.
Williamson, Stuart J. Three meditations    
Willmore, Alan C. Chorale prelude on "Liebster Jesu"    
Wilson-Pearson, David (1968-) Prelude . 2p
  Invention after Poulenc 1988 6p.
  Threnody for the victims of AIDS 1989 6p.
  Gigue fugue    
Wilson, Keith R. (1950-) Music for organ
1975 18p. 15m.
Woodhouse, Herbert (1920-) March - Entry of the bride 1978 3p. 3m.
  Lullaby for Claire 1988 3p. 2m.
  Master Blacket's Bishopthorpe suite 1994 4p.
  Duo for two tunes ("Duke Street" & "Pentecost") 1997 4p. 3m.
Wylde, Harold E.(1888-1975) A poem for Josephine 4p. 3m. 
  A dance on the black notes for Annette 3p. 2m. 
  A lullaby for Phyllida 4p.