Catalogue of Australian Organ Composition 1866-2002




Composer Title Year Pages & duration
Vick, Lloyd (1915-) Tune and variations in the English style 1953 4p.
  Toccata-fantasia 1953 rev. 1970 51p. 20m.
  Three chorale preludes
i Gott des Himmels
ii Herr, ich habe misgehandelt
iii Herr, des langen Tags Beschwerden
1971 14p.
  Chorale variations on "Liebster Jesu" 1972 17p. 8m.
  Ceremonial music
i Processional
ii Flourish
iii Solenne
iv Finale
1973 30m. 26p.4p.15p.
  Finale (derived from Toccata-fantasia) rev. 1983 15p.
Villaume, John (1906-1995) Chorale prelude on "Bangor" 1978 4p. 3m.
  Chorale fantasia on "Helmsley" 1985 4p. 4m.
Vine, Carl (1954-) Trio 1974 4p. 6m.
  Revelations for horn, trombone, two keyboards (two pianos or piano & organ) & percussion 1982