Catalogue of Australian Organ Composition 1866-2002




Composer Title Year Pages & duration
Sampson, George (1861-1949) In the cloisters  2p. 3m.
  A little melody    
  A little waltz    
  Berceuse for organ & strings    
  A little dance 1946 8p.
Sarcich, Paul Fanfare for the High Sheriff of Hertfordshire for four trumpets in C, organ & optional timpani 1994 4p. 2m.
Schultz, Andrew Noel (1960-) Summer pieces (I & II) 1980 17p. 6m.
  L'oiseau fantastique for clarinet, violin, cello, piano & organ 1984 19p.
  Etudes espace 1986 9p. 16m.
Sculthorpe, Peter (1929-) Overture (Overture for a happy occasion) 1970-1980 2p. 3m.
  Little Nourlangie for organ, percussion & strings. Also available for any combination of piccolo, flute, oboe, clarinet & trumpet c. 1990 13p. 4m.
  Turtle and temple gong c. 1995  
Shanahan, Ian (1962-) Unknown work(s)    
Simone, Karl J. (1955-) Chorale for organ, two horns, timpani & violin 1983 13p.
Singleton, Paul D. (c. 1954-) Miscellaneous early works Op. 1: contain fifty arrangements, transcriptions & original pieces & appear to have been composed between 1963 & 1971. 1963-1971  
  Seventeen pieces Op. 2
    Prelude and fugue in F
    Toccata and fughetta in d minor
    Chorale prelude "Ein feste burg"
    Chorale prelude "The Lord hath gone up"
    Fugue in three movements
    Toccata for trumpet stop
    Funeral prelude - "Lo it is  a time of grief"
    Voluntary in B flat
    Communion voluntary
    Dance of the flute
    Chorale prelude and chorale: "God from on high hath heard"
  Symphonic study in G major Op. 4 for orchestra & organ 1971/1972  
  The seven last words of our Saviour on the cross Op. 5 no. 1    
  Seven contrasting movements 1974  
  Organ sonata no. 1 Op. 5 no. 3
    Allegro moderato
    Chorale with variations
    Air and finale
  Kyrie Op. 5 no. 4 1974  
  Prelude, chorale and fugue in C Op. 5 no. 7 1974  
  Litany of the four last things Op. 5 no. 8
    Passion chorale
  Idyll Op. 5 no. 9    
  Diapason movement Op. 6 no. 3    
  Twenty-seven pieces Op. 7 (of which 21 are original) 1972  
  Sonata no. 2 in d minor Op. 8 no. 1
    Moderato non allegro
  Communion on "Glory be to Jesus" Op. 8 no. 2 1972  
  Voluntary in B flat Op. 8 no. 3 1972  
  Festal prelude Op. 8 no. 4 1972  
  Three pieces in classical styles Op. 11 no. 1-3
    Prelude and fugue in e minor
    Prelude and fugue in C
  Easy organ preludes - Ten short preludes Op. 14    
  Eleven original pieces and arrangements Op. 20 1972  
  Sonata no. 3 Op. 22 1976  
  Four organ pieces Op. 26
    A modal extemporisation
    Improvisation in two
  Thirty-four pieces Op. 27 1972  
  Offering to an organ student Op. 28 no. 1-8    
  Organ sonata no. 4 in D major    
  Pedal exercises, original and borrowed    
  Short prelude    
  Exercise for manual touch    
  Three easy trios    
  Two improvisations    
  Prelude and fugue in e minor    
  Six varied hymn tune accompaniments    
  Sonata no. 5 in a minor Op. 33 1975  
  Organ works Op. 45 no. 1-16    
  Twenty characteristic pieces Op. 51    
  The St George's organ book Op. 60 no. 1-5    
  Advanced pedal exercises Op. 62 1977  
  Five recital pieces Op. 63    
  Partita "Lob sei dem allmachtigen Gott"
    Pastorale trio
    Introduction and toccata
    A fancy
  Two pieces Op. 78 for Gardiner Uniting Church    
  Introduction and march on a theme by Cecil Baumer    
  Finale on "Paderborn" 1977  
  Miscellaneous fragments Op. 85    
  Christmas carols Op. 88 1978  
  Three organ pieces Op. 90    
  Suite in e flat minor    
  Suite in C    
  Prelude on "All glory, laud and honour" 1971  
  Improvisation on "Ave Maris stella" Op. 91 1971  
  Organ fanfare Op. 91b 1979  
  Toccata Française Op. 91c    
  Sonata no. 6 (Avant-garde) Op. 92 for organ & oboe 1979  
  Four organ pieces Op. 93
i Flourish
ii Sequence
iii Interludium
iv Finale
  Byrdsong Op. 94 1982  
  Suite Americana Op 95
    Prelude on "The star spangled banner"
    Scherzo on "Shaker tune"
    Intermezzo on a Virginian melody
    Scherzo & toccata on "America"
  Homage to Merbecke - Sequence for organ Op. 98
    Agnus Dei
  Sonata in memory of Wilfred Owen Op. 99 1980/1982  
  Sonata no. 7 Op. 100    
  Two portraits of ancient Rome Op. 101    
  Catacomb: The Appian way    
  A dozen for organ Op. 102    
  Six Cathedral portraits Op. 103
    St Paul's
  Suite - Resurrection Op. 105
    The rising
    The ecstasy
  A Quaker reader - Improvisations Op. 106
    First-day thoughts
    Mary Dyer did hang as a flag
    Evidence of things not seen
    There is a spirit that delights to do no evil
    The world of silence
    Bewitching attire of the most charming simplicity
    A secret power
    No darkness at all
    One sigh rightly begotten
    Return home to within
    Ocean of light
Sitsky, Larry (1934-) Seven meditations on symbolist art:
i Edvard Munch: The cry
ii Franz von Stück: The kiss of the sphinx
iii Jean Delville: Satan's treasures
iv Fernand Khnopff: The abandoned city
v Frantisek Kukpa: The black idol
vi Odilon Redon: A mask tolls the knell
vii Dante Gabriel Rosetti: Beata Beatrix
1974 29p. 30m.
  Kundalini: concerto for trombone with keyboards (organ, harpsichord & piano) & percussion 1982 35p.
  Yeraz for organ & natural trumpet
1984, rev. 1986 8p.
Skinner, Graeme A. J. Intrada St Michael and all angels 1975 3p. 5m.
  Le Christ dans la matiere (L'ostensoir) (The monstrance) dedicated to Gillian Wier 1979 6p. 8m.
Smith, Maree L. (1936-) Contemplation 1972 3p. 3m.
  Voluntaries I-X; XI 1978-92 10p. 17m.
Smith, William G. S. Fantasia and fugue & other very short works 1992 2p. 2m.
Spiers, Colin Fanfare for brass quintet & percussion arr. for organ & percussion 1994 37p.
Staiff, Michael (1963-) Sonata 1982 11p.
  Sonata no. 2 1983  
Stiller, John Improvisation in e minor    
  Two improvisations in g minor    
  Improvisation on "Jesu meine Freude"    
  Improvisation after Boëllmann    
  Improvisation (March)    
Strahan, Derek (1935-) Wedding march from Takeover, a proposed opera 1998 4p. 5m.
Sullivan, John L. (1940-c. 1985) From the diminishing landscape 1978 13p.