Catalogue of Australian Organ Composition 1866-2002




Composer Title Year Pages & duration
Paviour, Paul (1931-) Lynaldia    
  Music for ceremonial I for organ & large orchestra    
  A consecration fanfare for organ, three trumpets, three trombones, timpani & percussion    
  Fantasia for organ on an Australian carol  11m.
  A Cambridge suite 1955 12p. 16m.
  Desiderata 1958 7p.
  A Devon rhapsody 1959 12m.
  Three ballads 1960 20m.
  Metagenesis Op. 21 no. 4 1967 11p. 13m.
  Dithyramb 1974 9p. 6m.
  Sonata no. 1 c. 1974  
  Quantum madrigal Op. 121 for concert band & organ 1978, rev. 1999 39p. 14m.
  Journeys to Golgotha 1994  
  According to Luke carol for children's choir, organ & didjeridu 1961 2p.
Peluso, Anthony ...from azure heights to magenta depths    
Penberthy, A. James (1917-1999) Picture of Dorian Gray for piano, harpsichord, tape & organ 1970  
  Organ music Op. 134 1972 10m.
  Hymn for the death of Jesus commissioned by D. Lawrence for MOH 1972 5p. 7m.
  Scherzo (Devils up there) commissioned by D. Lawrence for MOH 1972 12p. 4m.
  Organ suite for Michael Wentzell Op. 139 (may be same as work below) 1973 17p. 10m.
  Ben's cloak, or Thus spake Isaiah (also known as Life - death and apotheosis) for M. Wentzell, commissioned by D. Lawrence for MOH
    i Life - death
    ii Apotheosis (optional)
    iii Encore (scherzo)
1973 17p. 10m.
  Psalm 130 1988 7p. 7m.
Peters, Jack V. (1920-1973) Symphony no. 2 for organ, flute, piccolo, oboe, clarinet, two bassoons, horn, trumpet, trombone & tympani 1961 59p. 17m.
  Fanfare for organ for brass & timpani    
Pierce, William Beith Shaw (1926-1996) Choral prelude on "Petra" 1947 2p. 3m.
  Chorale prelude on "Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier" 1953 2p. 2m.
  Chorale prelude on "Ermuntre dich, mein schwacher Geist" 1953 2p. 2m.
  Chorale prelude without title 1953 2p. 2m.
  Untitled in F major 1953 3p. 2m.
  Untitled (fughetta) 1953 2p. 2m.
  Fanfare for flute, oboe, trumpet, percussion & organ (arrangement for organ solo, 1974) 1971 2p. 3m.
  Trumpet tune and air 1980 3p. 4m.
Plaisted, Philip (1844-1920) Grand march (organ score lost but published arr. by the composer as a piano solo) 1872 6p. 4m.
Plumpton, Alfred B. (c.1841-1902) Offertoire in a minor 1882  
    Andante in D
    Gavotte in G
    Minuet in B flat
    Pastorale and allegro
    March in E flat
Plush, Vincent (1950-) Paysage after Baudelaire 1970 13m.
  Encompassings (originally entitled Paysage for orgasm) for organ & electronics/tape (with assistant); written for/commissioned by Robert Ampt 1970/1975 15m.
1978 15m.
  In paradisum 1980 2m.
  Wakefield intrada 1986 4m.
Pompili, Claudio (1949-) Fanfara per organo for Maria-Antonietta Innocenzi 1982, rev. 1986 6p. 7m.
Primrose, Edward (1950-) Prelude, dirge and passacaglia 18p. 14m.