Catalogue of Australian Organ Composition 1866-2002




Composer Title Year Pages & duration
Nagorcka, Ronald O. (1948-) Finite differences for two players: all-mechanical pipe organ required. (Not to be performed without the composer's permission) 1972 6p. 15m.
  Theme and variations 1972 8p. 12m.
  Pentaphase I for organ, percussion, trumpet and electronics 1973 10m.
  Modulations (with oboe, percussion, harmonium, clavichord, organ & electronics) written for any performer or group 1974 12m.
  Sanctus for organ, choir, electronics & didjeridu 1976 21m.
  Fugilism for solo keyboard 1977 7m.
  Atom bomb I from Atom bomb trilogy for two toy organs & four cassette recorders 1977 60m.
  The waltzing instinct in ostriches for organ, toy organ, tape, voice & ostrich, collaboration between Ron Nagorcka, Warren Burt & Malcolm Ellis 1977 10m.
  St Anne meets Godzilla for electronic tape and organ improvisation (no score) for Douglas Lawrence 1977 17m.
  Organ sonata for Douglas Lawrence 1978 12m.
  Tasmanian toccata (from W. J. Simon Pierce) including didjeridu & Ensoniq performance sampler (rearranged for ASR 10 sampler) for Gary Verkade 1991 9p. 4 m.
  About three for pipe organ & didjeridu 1998 3p. 3m.
Newcombe, Andrew Charles (1970-) Prelude (Orgelwerk) for David Scott Hamnes 1989 4p. 7m.
  Mantra I 1990 4p. 2m.
  Mantra II 1990 6p. 4m.
  Mantra III 1990 7p. 5m.
  Mantra IV 1990 7p. 5m.
  Akeldama III 1990 7p. 7m.
  Akeldama IV 1990 5p. 4m.
  Doxology I 1990 6p. 5m.
  Doxology II 1990 4p. 3m.
  Doxology III 1990 5p. 4m.
  Vitae Christi: Nine meditations on the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ
i Advent
ii Nativity
iii Epiphany
iv Transfiguration
v Crucifixion
vi Resurrection
vii Ascension
viii Pentecost
ix Corpus Christi
1990-1992 42p. 70m.
  Et in terra pax 1991 9p. 8m.
  Et lux perpetuam luceat eis 1991 4p. 7m.
  Toccata 1991 5p. 4m.
  A festive voluntary 1992 9p. 6m.
  Sortie 1996 7p. 6m.
  Mysteries of the cross
i Jesus prayed for those who were crucifying him
ii He forgave the thief
iii He recommended St John to his mother and his mother to St John
iv He said with a loud voice "I thirst" and they gave him gall and vinegar
v He said he was forsaken
vi He said "It is consummated."
vii He said "Father, into thy hand I commend my spirit."
viii The sun was darkened, the rock split, the sepulchres opened, and the veil of the temple was rent in two from top to bottom.
ix His garment was divided, his side being pierced by the lance; there flowed forth water and blood
1993 70m.
  ...unto the ages of ages for soprano saxophone & organ/SATB choir 1995 4p. 4m.
  Forty days & forty nights 1996 3p. 5m.
  Christus resurrexit 1996 7p. 7m.
  Mantra V 1996 7p. 5m.
  Mantra VI 1996 7p. 4m.
  Mantra VII 1996 6p. 5m.
  Mantra VIII 1996 9p. 6m.
  Mantra IX 1996 11p. 3m.
  Mantra X 1996 19p. 7m.
  Kaster du den forste steinen? Ballet for 2 dancers, organ, bass clarinet & percussion 1997 25p. 12m.
  Meditation on the assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary 1998 4p. 6m.
  Mantra XI 1999 9p. 5m.
  Mantra XII 1999 14p. 6m.
  Mantra XIII 1999 14p. 6m.
  Mantra XIV 1999 18p. 8m.
  Mantra XV 1999 16p. 8m.
  Mantra XVI 1999 10p. 6m.
  Voluntary for S. Mary Magdalene's day 1999 9p. 6m.
  Mantra XVII 2000 12p. 6m.
  Mantra XVIII 2000 9p. 6m.
  Mantra XIX 2000 14p. 6m.
  Mantra XX 2000 18p. 6m.
Nicholls, Philip Trio & other pieces 1993 2p. 2m.
Nickson, John A. R. (1949-) Voluntary for All Soul's day 1968 5p. 4m.
  Four fanfare 1977 5p. 2m.
  Hymn prelude on ëInfant holyí 1980 7p. 4m.
Nisbet, Steven Fanfare for a special occasion    
Nixon, Helena June (1942-) Centenary flourish 1992 2p. 1m.
  Melbourne march 1993 4p. 2m.
  Benediction 1993 3p. 3m.
  Four hymn preludes
i Aus tiefer Not
ii Ellacombe
iii Bunessan
iv Westminster Abbey (Mr Purcell's procession)(for the Wangaratta Willis)
  Boughen's badinerie 1996 7p.
  200 short improvisations on familiar hymn tunes 1999  
Noake, Keith A. (1915-1968) Introduction, pastorale & fugue on "Leoni"    
  Fanfare for a gospel procession    
  Fanfare for organ & brass    
Nott, Henry Cecil (1859-1918) Andante cantabile in E flat 1893 9p. 6m.
Nunn, Philip John (1961-) Three miniatures 1979  
  Organ sonata 1984  
  Adeste Fideles: Toccata fanfare 1984  
  Haiku for chamber organ or celeste 1985  
  Homage to Malachy: Organ symphony for Douglas Lawrence & Graham Lieschke 1987  
  Sonatina for chamber organ or harpsichord for Elizabeth Anderson 1987  
  Of seabird voices far away 1990 19p. 10m.
  Prelude, offertory and fugue commissioned by SJS, 1991 1991 20p. 9m.
  Scherzo for Robert Peter Sholl 1992 9p. 4m.
  What shall I give to God my Saviour commissioned by SJS, 1992 1992 3p. 3m.
  Ag Criost àn siol 1993 3p. 3m.
  Grand space in memoriam Ian Bonighton (1942-1975) for organ, four chamber organs, tape & choir 1993  
  Messa delli Apostoli 1994  
  Four toccatas
i Toccata: Salve Regina
ii Toccata: O clavis David
iii Toccata: A solis ortus cardine
iv Toccata: conditor alme siderum
8p. 3m.
6p. 3m.
  A Norwegian organ book for David Scott Hamnes 1994  
  Mephisto 1995  
  Sonories for Hugh Bambrick 1995  
  Angelus variations 1997 21p. 12m.
  Jerusalem toccata 1998 16p. 6m.
  Double concerto for organ & harpsichord for Douglas Lawrence & Elizabeth Anderson 2000 60P. 21m.