Catalogue of Australian Organ Composition 1866-2002




Composer Title Year Pages & duration
Lawrence, Raymond Douglas (1943-) Homage to Gaetano Callido (2) for an old Italian organ, one organist & one clever assistant 1980 2p.
Leahy, Catherine Charas    
  My saviour air    
Leek, Stephen (1959-) At times, stillness 1985 11p. 14m.
Leggett, John (1946-) Processional on "Woodlands" 1986 4p. 3m.
  Prelude on "Gerontius" 1987 2p. 2m.
Libaek, Sven (1938-) Baroque theme Op. 29 1997 7p. 2m.
  A minor/major prelude for organ Op. 31 1997 11p. 2m.
Lock, William J. Consolation 1977 5p. 4m.
Lovelock, William (1899-1986) Introduction and fugue 1958 18p. 12m.
  Sinfonia concertante for organ & orchestra 1968 79p. 20m.
  Rhapsody 1975 20p. 10m.
  Brisbane carillon 1977 13p. 6m.
Luke, Christopher J. (1972-) Fanfare for St Patrick for organ & brass 1999 10p. 4m.
  Tuba tune 1999 7p. 4m.
  Triumphal scene from "Aida" for brass choir, percussion & organ 1999 8p. 5m.
Lumsden, David (1931-) Incidental music to St Joan