Catalogue of Australian Organ Composition 1866-2002



Composer Title Year Pages & duration
Jarman, Charles A. Meditation c.1924 6p.
Jeffries, Richard Thomas (1841-c. 1890) Unknown work(s)    
Jenkins, Cyril (1885-1978) Keltic Sonata 1924 13m.
  Night 1925 5m.
  Dawn 1925 5m.
  Festivity 1925  
  Fantasia on "Come ye saints" 1961 7m.
  Morning song 1961 8m.
  Cradle song 1963  
Jones, Thomas H. (1856-1936) A stately measure    
  Military march in B flat 1878  
Jones, Trevor A. (1932-) Soliloquy 1953 11p. 10m.
  Fanfare for an academic occasion for large concert organ 1965 2p. 1m.
Jones, Melvin H. Organ fantasy 1 or Mr. universe    
  Organ fantasy    
Joseph, David (1954-) Symphony for organ and string orchestra 1989 220p. 30m.