Catalogue of Australian Organ Composition 1866-2002




Composer Title Year Pages & duration
Hair, Graham (1943-) Carmina sibyllarum for soprano, two mezzo sopranos, flute, cello, organ & percussion    
Hames, Richard David (1945-) Orgelwerk: Processional (requires two assistants) 1980 23p. 20m.
  Sonata Op. 29    
Hamnes, David Scott (1971-) Til Anikó 1997 3p. 3m.
  Til LAACH for organ and clarinet 2000 8p. 5m.
Hannan, Michael (1949-) Island song for organ, percussion & recorders 1983 8p. 3m.
Hanson, Raymond C. (1913-1976) Sonata for organ in one movement Op. 29 1951 8p. 8m.
  Wedding march 1956 2p. 4m.
  Three preludes 1963 6p. 7m.
  Cantata The Lord reigneth for contralto, string orchestra & organ (with independent organ part) 1969 29p.
Hardy, Lance A. (1907-1993) Introduction and fugue c. 1930 6m.
  Fugue in A flat 1926  
Harper, Bruce W. (1950-) Pontifical introit 1973 2p. 1m.
  Fanfares for organ 1974 4p. 2m.
Hart, Fritz Bennicke (1874-1949) Fantasia in g minor 1912  
  Three pieces for organ solo
  Interlude 1940  
  Wedding march (Also arr. for orchestra as Triumphal march) 1948  
Hemans, Michael (1929-1980) Dialogue, fughetta and toccatina on a traditional Australian air 13p. 4m. 
Henderson, Moya (1941-) Sacred site for organ & tape
i Strong with much feeling
ii Virtuosic
iii Plangent
iv Boisterous
v Trancendent
vi Flamboyant
vii Fast and furious
1983 21p. 13m.
  Reef I, II & III 1988 23p. 16m.
Hille, Stuart A. (1956-) Three works for organ Op. 18 1975 14p. 10m.
Hind, John (1916-1984) Choral fanfare for organ 1975 4p. 3m.
Hindson, Matthew (1968 -) Prelude; Easter Monday 1988 2p. 3m.
Hogan, John (1946-) Archbishop's fanfare 1975 1p. 1m.
  Our Lady of Victories fanfare 1975 2p. 1m.
  Toccata 1979 4p. 4m.
  Pange lingua 1979 2p. 4m.
  Intrada 1979 1p. 2m.
  Chorale prelude on "O Mary of graces" 1979 2p. 4m.
  Introduction and toccata 1995 10p. 6m.
  Meditation 1997 3p. 5m.
  Toccata "Sub tuum" 1999 7p. 5m.
Holland, Dulcie (1913-2000) With a gladsome mind 6p. 4m. 
  Complaint 4m.
  Two salutations for organ
i Peace be with you
ii Halleluia
1965 2p.5p.
  Chorale in d minor 1969 3p.
  Joy cometh in the morning 1974 5p. 4m.
  Twilight piece 1974 3p. 3m.
  Soliloquy on "Tonus peregrinus" 1974 3p. 4m.
  Evening hymn for organ & French horn 1974 2p.
  Episode for French horn & organ 1975 5p.
  Joyful departure 1977 7p. 6m.
  Complaint 1977 4p.
  Fanfare 1977 2p. 2m.
  O magnum mysterium 1977 3p.
  Processional 1977 3p.
  Verset 1977/1985 4p. 3m.
  Meditations of Mary 1978 6p. 5m.
  Hymn prelude for Lent 1978 2p.
  Vespers 1978 2p.
  Cradle song 1978 4p.
  Tuba tune 1978 2p.
  Organ toccata in the baroque style 1986 5p. 4m.
  Arioso 1997 5p. 5m.
  Towards evening 1997 7p. 6m.
Holley, Alan White Island for trumpet & organ 17p. 14m. 
Hollier, Donald (1934-) Improvisation on "Veni Immanuel" 1964 13p.
  Sonata for organ 1966 32p.
  Concerto for organ & eighteen strings 1966 66p.
  Improvisation on "Old 123rd" 1969 20p.
  Improvisation on "Old 100th" 1971  
  Improvisation on "Old 124th" 1971 18p.
  Improvisation on "Monks Gate" 1972 16p.
  Occasional music for the churches of Canberra
    For St Andrew's
    Duntroon I
    Duntroon II
    For St Christopher's
1973 14p.
  The seven last words of Our Lord from the cross (requires one assistant) 1975 33p.
  Improvisation on "St Denio" 1976 17p.
  Improvisation on "Vox dilecti" for organ duet 1979 16p.
Horsley, Charles F. (1822-1876) March 1866 3p.
Hooke, John M. (1946-) Nadir to Zenith 1975  
  Mass for the holy name of Jesus 1984  
Howard, Leslie J. (1948-) Moto di gioia: Postludium    
Huenerbein, Charles Air from Music for the ceremonies of the Masonic order arr. A. J. Drewe 1891 2p. 3m.
Hughes, William Motet in three parts    
Humble, Keith (1927-1995) Arcade I for organ, percussion & tape 1968  
  Statico I for organ & two synthesisers, commissioned by S. de Pieri for MOH 1970  
  Statico II 1971  
  Paraphrase "In five" & Mass 1971 11m.
  Music for organ and brass commissioned by S. de Pieri for MOH 1974  
Hutchens, Frank (1892-1965) Song of victory    
Hyde, Miriam (1913-) Chorale in d minor 1929 rev. 1969 3p. 5m.
  Bridal entry and wedding march 1973 5p.
  Prelude in B flat 1926 2m.