Catalogue of Australian Organ Composition 1866-2002




Composer Title Year Pages & duration
Galway, Victor E. (1894-1960) Sonata in g minor (three movements) c. 1923  
Gehde, Augustus Masonic march from Music for the Ceremonies of the Masonic order, arr. A. J. Drewe George Murray 1891 3p., 4m.
Gethen, Felix (1916-) Prelude and fugue for full organ 1960 12p. 8m.
  Canzona for organ & chamber orchestra 1956 6p. 6m.
  Threnody from Horation suite (transcription) 1960  
Ghandar, Ann (1943-) Fanfare for Roden Cutler 1981 1p.
  Eshelgharam 1985 4p.
  Photophoresis 1989 7p.
Giacchi, John Opus 88 1990  
Gilfedder, John F. (1925-) Complete wedding music
    Invocation voluntary
    Procession of the bride
    Three interludes
    Peaen for the processional exit
1951, rev. 1973 3p.3p.4p. 2p.
  Byzantine prelude and procession 1975 4p.
  Phantasy on a shadow 1975 9p.
Glynn, Gerald (1943-) Masses for organ for two organists & assistant 1971/1972 3p. 2m
Gordon, John (1915-) Adagio in a minor key 1940 3m.
  A Christmas sonata 1951 18p. 10m.
  Hymn prelude on "Albano" 1949 2m.
  Hymn prelude on "Stuttgart" 1952 5m.
  Music for soft stops 1953 3m.
  Miniature suite 1956 4m.
  Toccata for Vincent Shepherd    
Govenlock, James (1918-1983) Bridal procession 5p.
  Passacaglia 10p. 
  Canzona 1953 6p.
  Toccata 1954 10p. 5m.
  Symphonic introduction and passacaglia 1979 12p.
Grainger, Percy Aldridge(1882-1961) English dance arr. for orchestra & organ c. 1924-1929 1899-1909 56p.
  Early one morning    
  Tiger, tiger from Kipling's Jungle book cycle arr. 1905 1898-1956  
  Colonial song arr. Orvis Ross, 1948 1905-1912 7p.
  Children's march: Over the hills and far away arr. Edward Shippen Barnes c. 1927 1916-1918 3p.
  To a Nordic princess (Bridal song) arr. Lynwood Farnam c. 1929 1927-1928 7p.
  Blithe bells 1931 5m.
  Australian up-country song arr. for organ duet & brass 1932  
  The immovable do or The cyphering C arr. Percy Grainger 1940 1934-1940 9p. 4m.
Grantham, Edward Scherzando 1989 13p.
    Scherzando & duo
    Fuga a 3, Maestoso
1989 9p. 10m.
  Five fugues for carillon & organ 1993  
Gross, Eric (1926-) Statement & retraction Op. 38 no. 1 1966; rev. 1996 5p. 7m.
  Wedding march Op. 39 1967 3p. 4m.
  Wedding march Op. 61 1971 2p. 2m.
  Processional Op. 42 no. 1 for trumpet & organ 1972 3p. 3m.
  Organ prelude on "The shepherd of Bethlehem" Op. 95 1976 10p., 6m.
  Prelude to paradise Op. 100 no. 1 1977 6p. 5m.
  Bridal march Op. 104 1978 2p. 4m.
  Recessional R. I. P., D. R. P. Op. 126 1981 4p. 9m.
  Centormedique Op. 136 1983 8p. 7m.
  Geburtstagsgrüss for JSB Op. 145 1985 2p. 2m.
  Two pieces Op. 167/1 for violin & organ:
1989 10p. 7m.10p. 3m.
  Romance Op. 177 for mandolin & organ 1990 17p. 9m.
  Fantasia for A. L. P. Op. 187 for 2 mandolins & organ 1992 10p. 5m.
  Fantasia Op. 213 for B flat trumpet & organ 1996 9p. 6m.
  Postlude for Carol and Paul Op. 218 1997 4p. 5m.
  Meditation on a blessed spirit 1999 5p. 6m.
  And the sun danced on Easter morn Op. 241 Intermezzo for button accordion (bayan) & organ 2000 10p. 5m.
  A Sydney sojourn Op. 246 2000 4p. 2m.
  The inner light: A presentation for reciter & organ Poem: Andrew Pell 2002 5p. 4m.
Gyger, Elliot (1968-) Wedding music for choir and organ; for solo organ
1995 74p. 33m.
Grubb, Thomas Nicholas (1970-) Fantasia on "Verbum supernum podiens" 1991 11p. 10m.
  Slatch for electronics & organ 1992 6p. 10m.