Catalogue of Australian Organ Composition 1866-2002




Composer Title Year Pages & duration
Fabrikant, Harold Partita on "Hallelujah! Gott zu loben" in seven movements 1993  
  Six minuets for two violins & bass by L. Van Beethoven arranged for organ     
  Twelve German dances by L. Van Beethoven arranged for organ    
  Siciliano from Flute sonata BWV 1031 by J. S. Bach arranged for organ    
Farbach, Kent (1961-) Mini overture with fanfares for organ & brass septet: three B flat trumpets, two tenor trombones, bass trombone & tuba 1989 7p. 3m.
Fethers, Bruce (1964- ) Fanfare 1980 2m.
  Fifty alternative harmonisations for hymn tunes 1981 - 2000  
  Christmas fanfare (inspired by O. Messiaen's Dieu parmi nous) 1982 4m.
  Flight of a bird for treble recorder & organ 1982 6m.
  Grand triumphal chorus 1982 8m.
  Andante 1982 3m.
  Andante 1982 4m.
  Toccata 1982 3m.
  Easter glory 1983 4m.
  Variations on "Silent night" 1986 4m.
Finnis, H. P. (1883-1960) Preludium in B minor 4p.  
Floyd, Alfred Ernest (1877-1974) Andante serioso in D 1913 1p.
  Maestoso in E flat 1913 1p.
  Two interludes    
  Poco adagio    
  Prelude in F 1914  
  Sketch in F 1930 7p.
  Choral prelude on the tune "Kilmarnock" 1940 3p.
  Chorale prelude on a tune by Orlando Gibbons ("Canterbury or Song 13") 1940  
  Chorale prelude on "Rock of ages" ("Petra") 1940 3p.
  Three church preludes 1941 6p.
  Two short pieces by Handel arranged by A. E. Floyd 1941 3p.
  An old English melody by S. Wesley, edited & arranged by A. E. Floyd 1941 3p.
  Three voluntaries or Extemporisations (on two staves) 1957 5p.
Ford, Kenneth (1942-) Variations on "I know that my Redeemer liveth" 1967, rev. 1984 3m.
  Fanfare, chorale and simple variation 1972, rev. 1984 4m.
Fowler, Jennifer (1939-) Chimes fractured for eight woodwind, six percussion, organ & bagpipes 19p. 8m.