Catalogue of Australian Organ Composition 1866-2002




Composer Title Year Pages & duration
Eagles, Moneta (1924-) Prelude (Quasi extempore)    
  Images of St Peter: Concerto for organ & orchestra    
  Mirage 1950 3p. 3m.
  Two preludes for organ
    Quasi fanfare
1954 8p.3m.3m.
  Eclogue 1955 5p. 4m.
  Ceremonial episodes: for brass and organ - two trumpets, trombone & organ
    Chapel Royal



  Fanfare & triptych commissioned by OSS 1963 4p. 4m.
  The fountain (adapted from score for film sequence El Alamein fountain; for manuals only) commissioned by FA 1964 2p.
  Jubilate 1965 2p. 3m.
  A fragment 1987 1p.
  Lullaby for Anthea for organ solo; also arr. for organ & flute 1989 2p. 3m.
  Lullaby for Anthea version II for organ for organ & flute 1989 2p. 3m.
  Images of St Peter: organ concerto 1991 ??
Easton, Michael (1954-) Phoenix toccata commissioned by David Kinsela 1991  
  Fuga funebris commissioned by David Kinsela 1992  
  A young person's guide to the organ for organ & narrator; text revised by Robert Ampt & Amy Johansen; commissioned by MOH 1995 1995