Catalogue of Australian Organ Composition 1866-2002



Composer Title Year Pages & duration
Baer, Werner (1914-1992) Solemn prelude 6p.
Bainton, Edgar L. (1880-1956) Fantasia on "Vexilla regis" c. 1940 6p.
Bancroft, Cyril Unknown work(s)    
Barkl, Michael Sheep may safely graze even though it's dry 1998 1p. 1m.
  Fantaisie sur La bougie c'est étoufée 1998 1p. 1m.
Barnett, N. G. (1854-1895) Motivo piacevole 1883  
Barrett, Lewis Introduction, scherzando & toccata on "Tyne" (original tune) 1981  
  Paean 1982  
  Four pieces
  Fanfares for the Australian Accountants' Centenary Congress 1985  
  Improvisation on "Christe sanctorum" 1986  
  Meditation on the hymn tune "Michael" 1986 3p.
  Fanfare in B flat (orig. for brass band) 1986  
  Prelude on "Amazing grace" 1987 4p.
  Fanfare and bridal procession 1988  
  Jubilate 1988 8p.
  Festival prelude on "Quenberga" (original tune) 1989  
  Idyll 1989 4p.
  Psalm prelude (Ps. 31 v. 3) 1989 7p.
  Prelude on "Lucerna laudoniae" 1990  
  Chorale fantasia (Homage to J. S. Bach) 1990  
  Allegretto 1991  
  Fantasia on "Helmsley" 1991 8p.
  Meditation on the whole note scale 1991 5p.
  Prelude and fugue in F 1991  
  Intermezzo 1991  
  St Lazarus suite (on original tune "Lazarus")    
  Prelude in d minor, processional & recessional 1992  
  Trio in G 1993  
  Psalm prelude no. 2 1993  
  Meditation on "Picardy" 1993  
  Fanfare and bridal procession 1993  
  Voluntary on a hymn tune of David Swale 1994  
  Prelude and fugue on a hymn tune of David Swale 1994  
  Introduction, chorale & variations 1997  
  Fanfare for sesqui-centenary celebrations of North Adelaide Baptist Church 1998  
Bartlett, Lawrence (1933-2002) Searchlights and bonfires 1988 9p . 5m.
  Procession for Elisabeth 1988 3p. 3m.
  Fanfare and procession for a Bishop 1989  
  South Coast tarantella for mandolin & organ 1990 7p. 5m.
  Lament for Duncan 1991 3m.
  Fur seals 1993 3m.
  Children of three cities for mandolin & organ "New York" Mogadishu" "Sarajevo" 1994 8m.4m.
  Lullaby for Matthew 1996 3m.
  Over the moon for trumpet, tenor saxophone, bass trombone & organ 1996  
Batterham, Andrew (1968 -) Sonata 1995 19p. 12m.
  Intrada for trumpet & organ 1995 2p. 2m.
  Suite for organ & trumpet 1998 30p. 13m.
Beasley, Ian H. Chorale prelude    
Bonighton, Ian (1942-1975) Toccata 1966 5p. 4m.
  Concerto for organ & full orchestra 1967 63p.
  Madrigali for two organs & brass (arr. of work by A. Gesualdo) commissioned by MOH, 1971 1971  
  Concerto da camera for organ & small orchestra of eleven instruments 1971 97p.
  Sequenza for choir, organ & tape, commissioned by Sergio de Pieri for MOH, 1971 1971  
  Three fanfares, commissioned by Faculty of Engineering, University of Melbourne, 1972 1971/3  
  Cathedral music I for two organs, three trumpets & two trombones commissioned by MOH, 1972 1972 15p. 13m.
  Sonorities for Christ Church for organ & synthesiser (improvised, no score) 1972  
  Quintet for chamber organ & string quartet, commissioned by POF 1972 15p.
  Cathedral music "I for organ, two trumpets & two trombones, written for AOW, 1973 1973 18p.
  In nomine for organ, tape & percussion, commissioned by MOH, 1973 1973 5p. 9m.
  Two plus three for organ & harpsichord, commissioned by MOH, 1974 1974 3p.
  Moments for two keyboards, commissioned by Janus consort, 1974 1974 20p.
  Organ music "74 for Douglas Lawrence" 1974 12p.
Bonighton, Rosalie (1946-) Six Christmas preludes 1981-1984  
  Improvisation on "Joshua fought the battle" 1982  
  Resurrection commissioned by Terry Norman for BCM 1982/1990 9p. 6m.
  Four communion preludes 1983-1984  
  Through stained glass: organ solo 1986 15p. 11m.
  Domine, probasti 1995 13p. 9m.
  Consider the lilies, for soprano and organ, text by Mary McDonald 1996 8p. 7m.
  Humoresque 1996 3p.
  Improvisation on "Just a closer walk with God" 1997  
Bowman, Calvin (1972-)

Three night songs for soprano, string quartet & organ (text by James McAuley)

i She like the moon rises

ii The Royal fireworks"

iii Prefiguration

  Hornpipe 2000  
  Te Deum for orchestra, double choir & organ 2000  
Bracanin, Philip K. (1942-) Toccata mescolanza for organ Commissioned for the ANZAAS opening ceremony, 1980 1980 rev. 1985 28p. 8m. 25p.
Brennan, Anthony J. (1952-) Keyboard composition no. IV 16p. 10m.  
  Keyboard composition no. V 7p.  
Brier, Percy (1885-1970) Recitative and aria 1961 6p. 5m.
  Postlude on "Now thank we all our God" 6p. 4m.  
  Four antiphons    
Broadstock, Brenton (1952-) Giants in the land to the memory of Peter Dennison 1990 18p. 12m.
  The morning star rises 1990 13p. 9m.
  At the going down of the sun (formerly known as Capriccio) for trumpet & organ; commissioned by Anthony Pope & Dominic Perissinotto for MOH 1998  
Brown, Aileen M. (Mrs Hedgemont) Passacaglia in d minor 1951 8p.
Brumby, Colin (1933-) Learn the ways of the wind for solo and/or unison voices and organ, text by Donald Batchelor 2p.  
  Four antiphons for organ 1961 12p. 6m.
  Bridal march/Wedding march 1962 2p. 3m.
  Sonata for organ from Bring out your Christmas masks 1969 4p. 3m.
  Player chooses for keyboard & three other instruments 1972 8p.
  Entradas 1976 2p. 3m.
  Improvisation 1981 8p. 10m.
  Mobiles for organ, percussion, trumpet, horn, flute, soprano & baritone (wordless) 1983 10p. 20m.
  Assemblages 1984 6p. 3m.
  Captain Logan's fancy: Variations and toccata on Moreton Bay theme
i On the sunny river bank
ii In chains
iii By Brisbane waters
iv Flogging
v Penal stations
vi Mouldering underneath the clay
vii Beastly treated
viii Excessive tyranny
ix The maiden
x Places of condemnation
xi Former suffering
xii From bondage we are liberated
Alt. xii Toccata alio modo
1988 22p. 16m.

Four Easter preludes for manuals

i All glory, laud and honour
ii Herzlich thut mich Verlangen
iii Erschienen ist der herrliche Tag
iv O sacred head sore wounded

1992 4p.
  Three Christmas preludes for manuals
"Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern"
"In dulci jubiloi"
"Personent hodie"
1992 3p. 3m.
  Seven chorale preludes 1992 9p.
  Concerto schifanoia for organ & strings, first performed by Robert Ampt 1994 70p.
  Toccata 1995 8p. 4m.
Burchett, Edwin (1884-1966) Elegy in e minor c. 1950  
  Nightfall c. 1950  
  Solemn prelude c. 1950  
  Preludes 2, 3 (in G) and 4 c. 1950  
  Canzona in F c. 1950  
  Andante in G major c. 1950  
  Andante tranquillo c. 1950  
  Andante in E flat c. 1950  
  Choral prelude on "Adeste Fideles" c. 1950  
  Prelude in C major c. 1950  
  Choral prelude on "Oxford" (Goss) c. 1950  
  Offertory c. 1950  
  Idyll 1940 3p. 3m.
  Changing moods 1938 4p. 4m.
Burnard, Alex (1900-) Prelude, fanfare and fugue    
  Prelude on "Wachet Auf"    
  Prelude on "In dir ist Freude"    
Burt, Warren (1949-) Mr. Burt his memory of Mr. White his fantasy on Mr. Dunstable his musick for two reed organs & two toy pianos 1974  
  Burial of the dead for organ, four electric keyboards, bells, singers 1974 25m.
  Polyphonic settings of plainchant for home and office (#35) for toy piano & two reed organs 1974 15m.
  Fall snows for scalatron organ (for microtonal electric organ) 1975 11p. 10m.
  Harmonies of the universe for two reed organs 1975 15m.
  The waltzing instinct in ostriches for organ, toy organ, tape, voice & ostrich; collaboration between Ron Nagorcka, Warren Burt & Malcolm Ellis 1977 10m.
  Five synthetic pop songs for voice, ukulele & reed organ; texts by Ned Sublette after Roland Barthes & Susan Sontag 1977 5m.
  Pagode sculpture with tape of music in permanent collection of Karl Stroher Museum, West Germany c. 1978 120m.
  Two pieces- Musica turistica for organ & Light as a feather for organ & choir; also arr. for organ solo, organ & choir 1978, 1979 5 & 6m.
  Tenebrae for organ, didjeridu, speaking voice & live electronics; collaboration between Warren Burt, Ron Nagorcka & Sergio de Pieri 1979 80m.
  Prelude for Archifoon for solo Archifoon microtonal organ 1986 3p. 5m.
  Justice, equality and beatings V version for organ & two channel tape 1989 10m.
  Recitative/tracing (on pentagony [on guns and cock fighting]) for organ & electronic tape, in memoriam Kenneth Gaburo 1994 20p. 17m.
  La strega bianca della luna for organ & tape; written for Sergio de Pieri 1998 8m.
Butterley, Nigel (1934-) Fanfare for a ceremony 1969 2p. 1m.
  Westerly prelude 1979 4p. 3m.
  Circle-citadels 1989 8p. 4m.